New behind-the-scenes video: Julian Knowles blows Liam Knox!

Last weekend I was in Palm Springs to film a couple of scenes (one with Luke Adams and one with Julian Knowles). I had to leave on Sunday afternoon, but I was able to watch the start of production on a third scene, this one pairing Julian with TitanMen exclusive Liam Knox!

I shot some behind-the-scenes video (above) and edited it together on the 6 hour plane ride home. I captured a lot of the lead-in and setup, which should hopefully entertain those of you who are curious about way things flow on set… but if you want to jump to the good part — the blow job part, that is — skip ahead to the 9 minute mark.

The scenes we filmed this weekend will be out later this year, exclusively from TitanMen. Julian is brand new, so he doesn’t have any scenes out yet… but you can watch Luke’s existing scenes here and Liam’s scenes here. And if you want to check out me and Liam in action, you can watch us in the newly-released film Audition!


P.S. The guy occasionally seen walking around in the background is TitanMen VP Keith Webb, who shows up in behind-the-scenes footage from time to time. (Our cameramen prefer not to be on camera at all, which is why I’ve blurred them out.) It was a really fun weekend and I’ll have more behind-the-scenes stuff for you soon!


Live from the Set: New Titan Man Jason Vario looks “a little shocked”

What is brand new Titan Man Jason Vario peeking at in this new behind-the-scenes video? And why, in director Jasun Mark’s words, does he look “a little shocked” at first? You’ll have to wait and see, because this new TitanMen film (which also stars Alex Mecum, Bruce Beckham, Matthew Bosch, Alex Graham, and yours truly) doesn’t come out until November. Here’s a hint, though:

Stay tuned…


Pics from the live show at Steamworks starring Dirk Caber, Dallas Steele, and Nick Prescott — with a cameo by me (NSFW)

It was billed as a meeting of two powerhouses — my hubby Dirk Caber and TitanMen exclusive Nick Prescott — to promote the Grabby-nominated Titan film Jailbreak. Nick’s Uber was stuck in traffic, though, so Dallas Steele gamely stepped in to fuck Dirk’s hungry ass fill Nick’s shoes until he got there. Okay, I admit it… all that hotness was too much for me to resist. So, with permission from the Steamworks staff, I jumped up on stage for a few minutes to get my dick sucked by my hubby. Guilty as charged!

A photographer from the amazing industry blog Queer Me Now was on hand to photograph the whole thing; I’ve reposted their pics below (click any photo to enlarge it, then use the arrow keys to scroll). If you like the photos, be sure to check out Dirk and Dallas’s Grabby-winning scene for “Best Duo”, and my scene with Nick in TitanMen’s OUT.

A few more “Live from the Set” pics from this week in Palm Springs

I couldn’t resist sharing. Here you go.

Live from the Set: Hunter Marx sucks Matthew Bosch, Dirk Caber’s three-way, and more! (NSFW pics and video)

The Titan guys have been busy filming in Palm Springs this week, and my hubby’s in on the fun… again. (I’m not jealous, I swear! Okay, maybe just a little bit… but I’ll be out there myself soon!) Photos and videos of Dirk, Hunter Marx, Matthew Bosch, and Max Sargent have been trickling in, and I’ve posted them all here for your enjoyment.

This film, which is Max’s TitanMen debut, will be released in the next few months, but that doesn’t mean you have to wait to see the guys in action. You can watch Dirk and Hunter together in Double Exposure right now. Matt’s Titan debut, Cauke for President, will be out next week — watch the trailer now!