A new series of questions asked by fans, and responses from Dirk and me!

So You Think You Can Fuck: My (Illustrated) Guide to Becoming a Porn Star

These are the photos I sent in with my TitanMen new model application.

One of the most common questions I get asked on my Facebook page is “How can I become a porn star?” Well, I’m gonna tell ya what I know.

First off, do your homework. Check out the actors at a bunch of different major studios (visit Queer Pig or Queer Me Now for a good overview) and carefully choose a handful of studios that might be after your look. Be realistic; don’t apply for a bear porn site if you’re a twink! Titan, for example, was a great match for me… clean-cut, muscular, not overly tattooed… but there are plenty of different studios, and each one has a different look they’re after.

The next step is to fill out the application. Almost every studio has an online version of their application; Titan’s is at http://titanmen.net/apply, for instance. When you fill it out, be honest. Describe your sexual likes and dislikes, and don’t worry if they’re kinky; trust me, they’ve heard it all before. If you know someone in the industry, great; list them as a referral. Be sincere about the reason you want to get into porn, and what you’re looking to get out of it. Your honest answers will go a long way to help the studio determine if you’re a good fit.

Next… the pictures. Any reputable studio will require that you send several nude photographs of yourself, both hard and soft, from a few different angles. They don’t have to be professional pics; for most studios, a cellphone picture in a mirror is fine. In some cases, amateur photos are actually better, because the studio can get a better idea of the “raw material” they have to work with. In my case, I had a friend come over to take the photos, but self-portraits would have been just as good. Your first photographic impression is, of course, very important. You should be in as good shape as possible when you take the photos, and when you submit them, they should be recent. If you submit a photo from 5 years ago when you were 8% bodyfat and now you’re at 28%, they’re gonna find out soon enough. (But if you’re interested in doing bear porn, that might be an asset!) To give you some examples, at the top of this post I’ve included the 5 pictures I submitted to Titan when I first applied.

Once you’ve sent in the application, wait. Studio executives are very busy, and sometimes get dozens of applications a week. Don’t bug them. If you haven’t heard anything from them in a few weeks, a quick email might be in order (the email address will be on their website). In my experience, most studios do not send rejection letters; if you still don’t hear back from them, they’ve probably determined that you’re not a good fit. But take heart… just because you’re not a good fit with that studio, there are plenty of others, and one of them might be a better match. Apply to them too!

If a studio does contact you with an offer, take some time to consider their proposal before making your decision. There’s no rush. Weigh the potential ramifications if you choose to enter the world of porn. Will you be okay if your family finds out? What about your friends? Your employer? I’m very lucky to have wonderful friends, a fantastic job, and a family that’s very supportive (yes, they all know), but you should think about how it’ll affect you when (yes, when, not “if”) they find out.

Another thing to consider is what side of the so-called “latex line” you want to be on. The choice is, of course, ultimately yours, but remember that if you ever shoot a bareback scene with any studio, or even put an amateur barebacking video of your own on XTube, that automatically rules out your ever working with a bunch of the major studios, including Titan. Just something to keep in mind. I personally believe that always using condoms is not only safest, but sets a good example; the guys at Titan believe the same thing, so that’s another reason why we’re a great fit.

I won’t discuss how much you can expect to make per scene; that’s between you and the studio. I won’t tell you how much I make, either. I can tell you, though, that you’re paid by the scene; you’re a freelance artist, under contract for the day. The recruiter will usually tell you up front what the starting scene rate is. If not, it’s completely reasonable for you to ask. Remember that established performers make more money than the newbies, so your scene rate will probably increase as you gain experience.

Well, that’s about it. To give you some additional inspiration, I’m including the application that I originally submitted to Titan (see below). It should give you an idea of what the studios are looking for.

Remember, the Titan model application is at http://titanmen.net/apply… tell ’em I sent ya. Good luck!

Update: Shortly after I posted this, Dominic Ford pointed out to me that he already has a film series called “So You Think You Can Fuck” (sytycf.com). Oops! Hey Dominic, sorry about that… and thanks for letting me use the title anyway! Although I suppose I could have also called it “The Sex Factor” or “America’s Hot Talent”… or even “The Eurnovirgin Schlong Contest” for my European friends.


Keeping it clean

Once in a while I get asked what some consider an uncomfortable question: How do you stay, uh, clean when you’re bottoming? Unless you and your partner are into scat, it can be a bit embarrassing when the top pulls out and — how shall I put this delicately? — finds his dick covered in shit. Try not to be too hard on yourself, though… shit happens, as it were. It happens to everyone at some time or another, even porn actors. (Yes, it does happen on set occasionally; when it does, we usually take 5 minutes for the bottom to go “touch-up,” as we say in the biz.) But to help you minimize the risk of getting into a messy situation, allow me to humbly offer my thoughts on how to clean up your act… and stay clean.

Protein shake... now with Metamucil!

Protein shake… now with Metamucil!

I used to eat like shit (sorry, that was too easy). I’d have pizza every other night, loved fried food, would wolf down Big Macs like they were sliders. My digestive health suffered big time… and when I would hook up with guys, it was kind of a “crap shoot” (enough with the puns!) whether or not I’d be stinking up the room. Now, however, I get fucked with confidence, knowing that I’ll be clean as a whistle every time… and I owe it all to a healthy diet that’s rich in, you guessed it, fiber… along with lots of lean proteins and green vegetables. And to boost my fiber intake, I mix Metamucil into my protein shakes. Don’t laugh… it’s good for you! And I’ve found that when I blend it into my shakes along with vanilla protein powder and some ice, it makes for a nice texture, kind of like orange sherbet. By the way, the daily recommended dose of fiber for an adult male is 38 grams per day. Don’t overdo it… too much and you can get constipated.

Enemas are your best friends.

An enema can be your best friend.

Now that I’ve gotten the preachy “eat healthy” bit out of the way, it’s time to discuss techniques for cleaning out. Douching is an uncomfortable subject for many, but I’m going to attempt to give it fair due here. The most important rule, I’d have to say, is “less is more.” If you shoot too much water up your butt, you’re going to loosen stuff up that would have otherwise been just fine way up in there, and untouchable even by the biggest of dicks. So, as with your fiber intake, don’t overdo it. Plus if you put too much water up there, you’ll start to feel uncomfortably bloated.

One of the simplest ways to clean out is a good old-fashioned Fleet enema. They’re cheap, portable, easy to use, and effective; step-by-step instructions are available on Fleet’s website. Inserting the tip might be a little uncomfortable, but try to relax, breath deeply, and try not to clench. Once you’ve got the fluid in there, don’t expel it right away… hold it until you feel the urge to go, but no longer than 10 minutes. And when you do take that crap, you’ll be rid of most of the gunk up there.

For convenient touch-ups, I like to rinse out a little more by using a device called a douche bulb. You fill it with water and use it much the same way as you do an enema. It’s portable, reusable, and especially great for when you’re feeling like you’re probably okay but you just want to be sure.

For a deeper clean, I use a device called a Shower Shot. No power bottom should be without one. They’re easy to install, hygienic, and have a valve that lets you adjust the water pressure. As I keep mentioning, though, be careful not to overdo it. Using too much pressure or rinsing out too many times can actually loosen up stuff you don’t want to be loosened up, and using it at full force can actually damage your insides. Easy does it!

Hit me with your best Shower Shot.

Hit me with your best Shower Shot.

You can also get a portable version of a Shower Shot that simply hooks over your shower head with no special hardware and you can take it with you anywhere. Sweet!

When I’m cleaning out, I prefer to stand in the shower and bend forward; some people are more comfortable sitting on a toilet or lying down in a bathtub. No matter what position you use, the technique is the same: If you’re using a bulb, fill it with warm water; if you’ve got a Shower Shot, start running warm water through it at a relatively low pressure. Then, using a little lube if necessary, insert the tip of the nozzle into your hole. It doesn’t have to go far. Then just relax and let the water flow in. Once you start to feel “full,” remove the nozzle and expel the water, then repeat until the result is relatively clear. You’re not looking for perfection here… remember, less is more! Sometimes you’ll be clean after the first rinse; other times it might take a couple of iterations. But once you’ve gotten most of the gunk out, don’t keep going. You’re probably only going to make things worse.

So there you have it… my quick ‘n dirty clean guide to douching. I’m sure there are plenty of other effective methods out there that people swear by; these are only my personal experiences and recommendations. Also, please don’t consider this to be medical advice… I can’t be held responsible if something goes wrong. But if you relax and take it nice and slow, you’ll be good to go and ready to be fucked with flair. Happy bottoming!

Q&A: “What’s your favorite smell, and why?”

Dirk eats an heirloom tomato, juice running down his chin…

A little while ago I reached out to my Facebook followers to see if anybody wanted to know anything about me or about the industry, and the response was overwhelming! I got over 50 great questions on topics ranging from my carnivorous preferences (“Chicken or beef?”) to my thoughts on the philosophy of Soren Kierkegaard. Some of the questions were so interesting that Dirk and I have decided to both weigh in; over the coming weeks we’ll be posting responses to each of our blogs in a new “Q&A” series. This is gonna be fun!

Let’s start with Gil Bear’s intriguing question: “What’s your favorite smell, and why?”

JESSE: This is going to sound cliché, but my favorite smell is Dirk. I’m usually indifferent to body odor, but for some reason the smell of Dirk makes my heart flutter. Other than that, I’ve always had an affinity for the smell of unburnt tobacco… like if you unroll a cigarette and just smell the leaves, which I find really strange because I hate the smell of a lit cigarette. I also love the smell of fresh mint and, perhaps relatedly, Bengay (it’s a locker room fantasy thing for me).

While I’m on the topic of odors, the scent I find most foul is durian, that fruit that smells like rotting flesh. I’ve never tasted it, because I can’t get past the stench. Dirk’s had it, though, and says once you get it into your mouth it actually tastes pretty good. And my mom, who used to have no sense of smell, tried it once and said it tasted like cheese. (A series of steroid treatments have since cleared up her olfactory issue; I’ll have to remember to ask her what she thinks of durian now.)

DIRK: Tea tree oil, fresh tomatoes, half-baked lasagna, ocean air. It’s all association. Fresh tomatoes because I associate it with my grandmom’s house in summer. She always grew heirloom tomatoes, which were the best ever. I used to eat them like apples, with the juice running down my chin. And tea tree oil because I think the stuff is miraculous. Ocean air is the smell of where I lived the first twelve years of my life. And the lasagna was my grandmom’s cooking, although my mom’s is just as good.

Oh, and I like the smell of a good, healthy, clean male body. I’d fall asleep in my boyfriend’s armpit any day.

We’ll be posting more answers to your excellent questions in the very near future!

Feeding the machine

A lot of people ask me about my diet, so I figured it would make a good blog post… plus my mind’s on food right now anyway because it’s lunchtime.

When I was younger, I was pretty fat. I’d have ice cream all the time, tons of pizza, a few Big Macs a week… heck, once in a while I would even sit down with a tub of frosting and a spoon and chow down. After I graduated from college, though, I realized that I was treating my body like shit, so I joined a gym and started eating healthier food. And it paid off. I started looking better, feeling better… and most importantly, feeling better about myself. When I ate well, I felt good. And I continue to eat well to this day… because I love feeling good! Plus, as Dirk is fond of saying, when you’re in good shape, sex is even more fun. :mrgreen:

I don’t maintain as strict a regimen as some of my friends, measuring out calories and whatnot; I just employ common sense when making food choices throughout the day, and try to space my meals out rather than binging all at once. Here’s a typical Jackman dietary day:

    • 8 am: Breakfast! If Dirk’s around, he usually whips up some scrambled eggs for us… but when I’m on my own, protein shake it is, cuz I hate to cook. I’ll have 2 scoops of protein powder, water, a banana, and a couple tablespoons of Metamucil (don’t laugh!) blended in my fabulously-indispensable Magic Bullet. I’ll also have a few scoops of cottage cheese if I’m extra hungry.
    • 11 am: Spinach salad with some grilled chicken or lean beef on top and assorted veggies like broccoli, edamame, or zucchini thrown in. I like plain old balsamic vinegar for my dressing – none of that calorie-laden creamy stuff for me! Sometimes I’ll have a Builder Bar for dessert. The mint chocolate-flavored ones are my favorite.
    • 3 pm: Getting hungry again! I’ll either have a bowl of brown rice with a can of tuna mixed into it, or head to Whole Foods and eat an entire package of raw tofu hot dogs. You may think that’s gross, but I love ’em… really! And they’re a great source of protein.
    • 6 pm: Nearly gym time. Back to the Magic Bullet for some Greek yogurt, protein powder, water, and ice, all blended together to make a delicious yogurt smoothie… or if I’m at Starbucks, one of their spinach and feta wraps does the job nicely.
    • 9 pm: Home from the gym. Two chicken breasts grilled in my George Foreman, topped with low-fat cheese and tomato sauce, served over brown rice or quinoa with a side of steamed broccoli. (After the Magic Bullet, my George Foreman and my fuzzy logic rice cooker are my most prized culinary possessions.) If I’m feeling lazy, I’ll order a teriyaki chicken wrap from a Boston-based burrito chain and pick it up on the way home, but I make sure they use a whole wheat tortilla and brown rice.

That’s about it! Of course, I can’t guarantee that this diet will deliver a better body or help you have better sex. All I can tell ya is that I eat this way and I feel fantastic! And the sex is pretty fucking amazing.

Go Hard or Go Home

A lot of people ask me about my workout routine. It’s nothing special, really… although everyone has a different approach, what I’ve found works well for me is to do one warm-up set with about 50-60% of my maximum weight, then lift as much weight as I can until I reach muscle failure at somewhere between 6 and 10 reps. If I can’t get to 6 reps, it’s too much weight; if I can do more than 10, it’s too little. I do 4 sets of each exercise in this manner and then move onto the next one.

On day 1 I do chest and triceps, day 2 is for back and biceps, day 3 is shoulders, day 4 is legs, and day 5 is a rest day; then I repeat the cycle. At the beginning of every workout I do at least 30 minutes of cardio (on an elliptical machine, typically), and at the end of the workout I do about 150 weighted crunches. (Most people will tell you to do your cardio at the end of the workout, but would I always find myself slacking off and going home instead… so now I do it before anything else in order to make sure it gets done.)

And finally… I never go home after work and then go to the gym; I always go to the gym on my way home. The temptation to stay home and watch TV is just too great otherwise! I reward myself with a little toob time when I get home… usually a Red Sox or Bruins game, or whatever’s on ESPN.