The Gay Comic Geek reviews OUT!

I always look forward to watching the Gay Comic Geek‘s porn reviews. They’re really fun to watch — Paul’s energy is infectious — but beyond that, they give you a really honest assessment of each film’s quality. But I’ve been especially looking forward to this review of TitanMen’s OUT! because I’m so proud of this film. Here’s the NSFW review:

To me, the best part of the review is when Paul talks about the film’s message. “One of the best aspects about this movie is the coming out aspect,” he says. “It was treated very positively. Many porn movies treat the aspect of staying in the closet as much more important, and having much of of a sexualized aspect to it. In this movie, once they do come out, it’s very positive and something that I think is really good.” Thanks, Paul… that’s exactly what we were going for! You can read about how OUT! came to be here.

You can watch or download OUT! here with your TitanMen membership. Not a member? Sign up now for instant access. OUT! is available on DVD, too.

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Gay Comic Geek’s NSFW review of ICONS — with me, Colt Rivers, Dallas Steele, and the return of Diesel Washington!

Here’s Gay Comic Geek‘s NSFW review of my latest movie ICONS, directed by Jasun Mark. I finally get to work with industry superstar and HOT power bottom Colt Rivers (in his TitanMen debut, by the way)… but the real highlight of this film is the triumphant return of porn legend Diesel Washington. He and Dallas Steele have amazing chemistry!

Check out Gay Comic Geek’s review below, then to watch the entire film, click here.

First look! The Gay Comic Geek reviews Jail Break (NSFW video)

My new film Jail Break comes out next week, and here’s your first look in the form of an NSFW video review by the one and only Gay Comic Geek!

Jail Break stars TitanMen exclusives Hunter Marx and Eric Nero (and me of course), scruffy Brendan Patrick, and Grabby-award-winning Tommy Defendi in his very last scene before retiring from the industry last spring.

The prisoners escape on December 23! Watch for TitanMen’s Jail Break exclusively at

Note: If the video won’t play, try putting your mobile device in landscape mode first, or use this alternate link.

Dirk Does Dallas, Hugh/Jackman, and more: Gay Comic Geek’s NSFW review of Blue Collar Ballers

Gay Comic Geek’s reviews are always entertaining, and this one’s no exception. Check out his NSFW take on my latest TitanMen film Blue Collar Ballers, which also features Hugh Hunter, Nick Prescott, Eddy Ceetee, Dallas Steele, any my hubby Dirk. By the way, while I was writing this, it occurred to me that Dirk’s scene with Dallas could be called “Dirk Does Dallas”, and my scene with Hugh Hunter could have been called “Hugh/Jackman”.

Here’s the official Blue Collar Ballers trailer. You can stream or download the entire movie exclusively from TitanMen! And hey, GCG… you can hang off my arm any time you like.

(If GCG’s review doesn’t play, try putting your mobile device in landscape mode, or use this alternate link.)

Gay Comic Geek reviews Morning Wood… and Jesse the supervillian?

I always knew he was a big fan, but now I know that Gay Comic Geek has a “huge” crush on me! And after hearing his comment at the 2:17 mark of this review, I’m thinking I should look into buying a supervillian costume. Juggernaut, perhaps? By the way, I bet there are more than just “a couple girls” watching this video because — fun fact — over 25,000 of my Facebook fans are women!

To watch Morning Wood right now in streaming HD video click here, and to see more of Gay Comic Geek’s fun, high-energy reviews, head on over to his website at Oh, and hey GCG… if you’re reading this… thanks for the awesome review! Hope to finally meet you in person sometime!

I’ll bring my helmet.