“My, what a big horn Dirk has!” Live from the 2018 NYC Pride Parade

Last weekend, my hubby Dirk and I headed to New York Pride for two reasons: to host the popular Brüt party on Saturday night (photos coming soon), and so that Dirk could march with the Lesbian and Gay Big Apple Corps, NYC’s LGBTQ marching band! Dirk — who plays sousaphone and has been marching with LGBAC since 1999 — shot some really cool video from inside the band as they marched down 8th Avenue in the West Village:

I watched from the sidelines and shot some footage of the band as they went by (you can’t really see Dirk because he was on the opposite side of the street, unfortunately), as well as a tiny bit of his warmup before the parade:

Here are a few photos from the parade. His sousaphone, by the way, is named Audrey because she’s been known to eat people. (Technically I suppose she’s “Audrey 3.”) She’s the largest production model of sousaphone ever made, weighing in at 65 pounds. Carrying her is quite a workout… no wonder Dirk gets so sweaty!

By the way, I think I was invited to march with the band in next year’s pride parade, which happens to coincide with the 50th anniversary of the Stonewall riots and the birth of the modern day pride movement. Hmmm… I’ve been known to do a little blowing myself. <grin>

Video: “I Love Gingers”

Dirk shot this yesterday at our weekly “sushi nite” with our Boston sushi crew. We filmed it to send to a couple of good friends of ours — one of whom loves ginger almost as much as I do — but the video’s pretty funny (thanks to our buddy JoJo and his chopsticks…. you’ll see…) so we decided to share it with you guys too.

Video: Jesse goes bowling, injures self; Dirk’s “statistical” strike

Okay, we admit it: Dirk and I aren’t the best bowlers. Between Dirk’s innovative “no thumb” grip and my wounded-rhinosaurus approach… yeah, we kinda suck. But when my flag football captain organized a bowling night with a couple of the other teams, we were all in! Check out the videos below. (By the way, Dirk’s “Two statisticians… we got it!” is a reference to the fact that if you take the average of his two balls, he actually got a strike. Or something like that.)

Classical Caber: Singing in the Shower (Video)

I woke up this morning to the sound of my hubby Dirk Caber singing in the shower, so I quickly grabbed my iPhone and filmed a bit of it. He tells me it was a snippet from the low bass line in the Gloria from Missa Conceptio Tua by Pierre de la Rue. I’m not sure exactly what that means, but here’s a professional recording of Dirk singing it with the Chicago-based group Schola Antiqua. (You can read a review of the performance here.)

VIDEO: Witness the firepower of this fully armed and operational… ceiling lamp

Dirk and I braved the Black Friday crowds at IKEA to buy some toys for our nieces and nephews for Christmas, and we spotted this. Yeah, it’s just some cheap plastic thing, but we’ve needed a ceiling lamp in our living room forever… and the geek in me just couldn’t resist.

Note: If the video doesn’t play, try putting your mobile device in landscape mode first, or use this alternate link.