The games people play…

On a recent trip to Titan headquarters in San Francisco, I was interviewed about my history of playing team sports. In addition to being a big Boston sports fan (go Pats! all the way, baby!!!), over the course of my lifetime I’ve participated in competitive football, rugby, hockey, baseball, wrestling, basketball, golf, tennis, skiing, sailing, and soccer. I guess that makes me a jock. Here’s a video of me discussing my most serious sports injury…

Name That Butt

See if you can guess which ass belongs to which Titan Man. This was shot earlier this year at the Folsom Street Fair. Still makes me laugh!

I’m a Nasty Pig

Dirk Caber and I spent the day tooling around NYC; at one point we stopped by Nasty Pig to do a little shopping.


Here I am signing away my life savings. SO worth it, though:


And here’s one of Dirk. What a hot, sexy studman.


Welcome to

Welcome to my official website,! It’s hosted by the great people at Titan so I’ll be able to post stuff here that’s, uh, not exactly suitable for Facebook. 😉 (although my Facebook page is still active at

There will be plenty of exclusive content coming soon…. in the meantime, check out some new pictures and the video below. And be sure to check out François Sagat’s “Incubus” (an AMAZING film that also marks my very first scene with Titan), coming this December!