My new film Parole is coming! Watch the NSFW trailer and scene 1 now!

My latest movie Parole is being released over at TitanMen! The film features the return of my character Ray Walker, a federal officer who was last seen chasing escapee Eric Nero through the San Gabriel mountains in Jailbreak. Now I’m joined by fellow officers Anthony London and Bruce Beckham as we conduct routine inspections of parolees Bennett Anthony, Eddy Ceetee, and Lorenzo Flexx. Cavity searches for everyone!

The first scene starring Anthony and Bennett is out now. You can watch a free preview and see tons of action and behind-the-scenes pictures from their scene below, then stream or download the entire scene with your TitanMen membership. Not a member? Sign up now for instant access to this and thousands of other videos that you can download and keep forever.

Watch the TitanMen website for Bruce and Eddy’s scene coming on October 19, then mine and Lorenzo’s on October 26!

Anthony London:

Bennett Anthony

Action Pics:


New! Anthony London pounds Luke Adams in Say Uncle (NSFW video)

In the new TitanMen/Jasun Mark film Say Uncle, Luke Adams is helping out his best friend’s uncle Anthony London, the owner of Desert HVAC, Inc. (“Blowing hard since 1996!”). Lucky for Luke, his first task is a very close inspection of Anthony’s pipe. Here’s the free NSFW trailer:

If you like what you see, you can watch or download Luke and Anthony’s entire 40 minute scene here with your TitanMen membership. Not a member yet? Sign up here for instant streaming or download access to the full TitanMen catalog — literally thousands of scenes – for less than a dollar a day!

I’ve posted all the official promotional, action, and behind-the-scenes photos from Luke and Anthony’s scene below. Enjoy!

By the way, while I haven’t filmed with Luke yet (hopefully someday!), I did top Anthony in the TitanMen film Scruffy. Watch our scene here!

Anthony London:

Luke Adams:

Action Pics:


NEW JOE GAGE! With an XXX-tra helping of Dirk!

The latest Joe Gage film is finally here! “CUT TO THE CHASE: A Joe Gage Chronicle” features a pretty amazing cast… including my hubby Dirk! (Watch the free NSFW trailer above.) Besides returning stars Dario Beck, Mike Tanner, Anthony London, and Jed Athens, “Cut to the Chase” also features two Titan newcomers: the adorable JD Phoenix and our good friend Dolan Wolf! You might have seen Dolan in a few of my pics from the recent London trip; Dirk and I are quite close with the fit Brit, and he’s even coming to New England next week to celebrate his first proper American Thanksgiving with us.

“Caught in the Act” pushes the envelope of the daddy/boy genre in a way that only Joe Gage can… including a crazy two-dads-on-one-son mêlée. (I can’t wait to see that one, cuz I happen to be quite close to two of the three guys, one with the initials D.C. and the other with the initials D.W.) The first of the three scenes, featuring Titan exclusive Dario Beck (sporting a killer ‘stache… see his pics below) and young stud Jed Athens, is out now… watch it here! The remaining two scenes will hit the web in the next couple of weeks. Get your Titan membership for as little as $0.27 a day and you can stream and/or download them all — plus over 5,000 other scenes — in splatteringly clear HD!

“Caught in the Act” is also now shipping on DVD in the TitanMen Store.

cttc_Title Card 1_698x698

More promo pics from my scene in Scruf than you can shake your stick at

Gotta keep this short and sweet – I leave for London in the morning and I still need to pack! – so here are all the official Titan promo photos from my scene with Anthony London in the new film Scruf. Once you see ’em, you’ll understand why I love being in London… in more ways than one. 😉   Click here to watch the scene in HD.


It’s here! Scene 3 from SCRUF with me and Anthony London, with a free preview!

After months of anticipation, I’m thrilled to announce the release of my ninth* and latest TitanMen scene… scene 3 from SCRUF! We shot it on location, entirely outdoors, last August (at the same time as Strobe) about an hour outside San Francisco. In addition to me and the sexy (and, at 6′ 3″ tall, fucking huge) Anthony London, the scene features a third actor, who goes only by the name “Eric”, in his Titan debut. While Eric’s appearance is just a brief cameo, this fetching young actor — with his puppy-dog eyes, dogged determination, and thick blonde fur — surely has a long run ahead of him in the industry. Woof!

You can watch the full scene right here… and check out some promo stills and behind-the-scenes pics below!

[*Actually, it’s my 10th film, if you count my cameo in François Sagat’s Incubus. Here’s the full list: Surveillance, Command Performance, Incubus, Incubus 2, Loud and Nasty, Fast Friends, Strobe, Down and Dirty, Extra Firm, and now Scruf… with plenty more to come! You can watch them all with your Titan membership, so sign up now!]