Flashback Friday: My first photo shoot with TitanMen! (NSFW)

As I go through the process of moving all of my videos to a new, hopefully more stable hosting platform, I just came across this NSFW gem from August 29, 2011, during the photo shoot for my very first film, Surveillance:

The guy taking the pictures, Brian Mills, used to be Titan’s lead director as well as principal photographer. He worked at Titan for 20 years, and I was proud to be the very last scene he directed for the studio (with Adam Russo in Down and Dirty). The man is a genius, and between him and Titan’s current lead director/photographer Jasun Mark, I’ve learned a ton about what it takes to make those photos you see look as good as they do!

Hope you enjoy the video, which also features Surveillance stars Hunter Marx, Trenton Ducati, Christopher Daniels, and Dario Beck! Here’s what the finished photos looked like… and you can also watch the free trailer for Surveillance here!

Down and Dirty and Done: Brian Mills’ Final Scene at TitanMen

What an honor. Brian Mills, who’s been making films at Titan since the very beginning, directed his final scene last May before retiring… and I got to be in it. As I learned later, he had hand-picked a bunch of his favorite performers for his final run: Hunter Marx, Jessy Ares, David Anthony, Race Cooper, Kyle Quinn, Jessie Colter… and for his very last scene, Adam Russo… and ME. Wow.

The film, Down and Dirty, came out a couple of weeks ago, and to celebrate its release, Titan director Jasun Mark just posted this awesome behind-the-scenes footage from when we wrapped. (And yup, that’s me running in to give Brian a big congratulatory hug… I’m still covered in sweat from filming, hence Brian’s shocked reaction!)

Brian directed three of my scenes (in Command Performance and Fast Friends, in addition to the aforementioned Down and Dirty) and was also responsible for taking the amazing promotional photos that accompanied each release. From the very beginning, despite my doubts, he kept encouraging me that I could not just do this, but do it well… even if I wasn’t entirely convinced of that myself. I remember one moment early on when I was still really nervous and having a bit of, um, “performance anxiety”… but Brian took me aside and quietly uttered these words of encouragement that I’ll never forget: “Relax,” he said. “I’m gonna make you a better performer.” And he did.

So Brian… thank you. Thanks for believing in me. Thanks for your encouragement. And thanks for helping make this the experience of a lifetime. (By the way, I’ve got a funny feeling that Brian may be back to “guest-direct” a film or two down the road. If he does… well… I’d love to work with him again.)

The scene so nice, we filmed it twice

Sometimes it takes a little extra time to make a quality product. It was February 28, 2012; although it was warm in San Francisco, it was still winter, so the days were pretty short. We’d been filming Fast Friends all day; Jasun Mark picked Mack Manus and me up at the gym at 9 am, director Brian Mills shot the promotional stills in the morning, then we filmed the intro and outdoor portions of the scene before breaking for lunch. A half-hour later we were back at it, filming the oral part of the scene in the shower before moving to the Titan production office to film the rimming and fucking.

We filmed the rimming portion of the scene just fine and started in on the fucking, but by this time it was getting pretty late in the day. Under ordinary circumstances we’d have kept going, but the Titan front office has a lot of natural light and the sun was starting to set. The studio lights that had been set up started to cast some pretty severe shadows across the room. After a few minutes, Brian asked us if we could take a break and resume filming the next day. Mack was in town all week and I was set to film Loud and Nasty with my boyfriend Dirk a couple days later… so in the interest of giving you guys the very best scene possible, we wrapped for the day and were back at it the next afternoon with renewed energy and more light!

Editing the footage together from two different days must have been a challenge, but leave it to crack editor T.P. Deaux to make it look absolutely seamless! Check out the two screen captures from the scene below, one from day 1 and one from day 2. Pretty amazing, huh? Watch the whole scene in streaming HD now and see for yourself… I challenge you to spot the differences!

Brian Mills has had enough of this shit

In this behind-the-scenes video from the filming of Incubus 2, TitanMen lead director Brian Mills (who assisted first-time director François Sagat) describes some of the problems we experienced while filming my scene with Christopher Daniels and the grapes in Palm Springs last fall. (Mobile users can watch the video here.) Thunder, lightning, sirens, lawnmowers, leaf blowers… it’s all there, along with a particularly agitating distraction when we were trying to film my cumshot. Considering all the problems, I find it pretty amazing that François, crack editor T.P. Deaux, and the rest of the Titan team were able to turn I2 into the huge hit it eventually became.

Watch the completed scene here.

California Dream-Men, a Fine Gage of Character, and a Fond Farewell… For Now

The 2011 Folsom Street Fair was my first chance to meet most of my Titan colleagues. Every year, on the night before the fair, the Titan exclusives and production staff always get together for a big banquet, as it’s the only point during the year when we’re all in the same city at the same time. I walked into the Grand Pu Bah restaurant in SoMa a few minutes late — San Francisco geography still eludes me sometimes — to find some of the hottest men I’d ever seen all seated around one large table… Hunter Marx, Ameyric Deville, Marco Wilson, David Anthony, Jessy Ares, Dario Beck, François Sagat… all of my fellow Titan exclusives. It was a dream come true for me. I’d already worked with Hunter on Surveillance and François on Incubus, but it was my first time meeting anyone else. In particular, one of these incredibly sexy men and I hit it off immediately, and after Folsom we continued to exchange messages on Facebook. We knew that if we ever shot a scene together, it would be really, really hot.

Two days ago, we finally got our chance… with the legendary Joe Gage directing.

And it was fucking incendiary.

I’m very happy to be able to announce, with Titan’s blessing, that my super-hot, I’ve-always-wanted-to-work-with-him scene partner was……………

TitanMen exclusive Jessy Ares! What an amazingly hot, talented, hilarious, kind, sexy man. He’s a consummate professional when it comes to shooting porn, but also a total goofball. We had tons of fun on set and laughed a lot. The same-name thing caused a bit of a problem while we were working, though. After some initial confusion, it eventually led to the Titan guys calling us by our last names; Brian Mills seemed to especially enjoy yelling “JACKMAN! GET IN HERE!” whenever he wanted to find me. He sounded just like Mr. Spacely from The Jetsons.

Jessy and I got a chance to hang out a little outside the studio as well… our workout at Gold’s Gym in the Castro was killer!


Our scene was originally to be titled “Military Exam Room #7”; I was to play a US Army colonel submitting to a routine medical examination performed, of course, by Army medic Jessy Ares. However, Joe Gage had a last-minute flash of inspiration and came up with a very cool new idea the day before the shoot. I can’t go into details yet, but I can tell you that the theme is very topical; it was inspired by recent actual events that you might have heard about on CNN.

Working for Joe was an incredible experience. He shot his first adult film, Kansas City Trucking Company, in 1976 (I was 3 years old!), and his 36 years of filmmaking experience really show. His instructions were direct, concise, and easy to understand, yet he was completely relaxed and flexible enough to work with us actors to produce not only a hot scene, but one that we really enjoyed filming. It truly was one of the most exciting experiences of my young porn career. I had so much fun. And Joe must have liked what he saw, because when were done filming, he told me that I looked great on camera and that he would like to work with me again! Joe seems like a straight-shooting, down-to-earth guy… and Titan director Jasun Mark later assured me that wouldn’t have said something like that unless he meant it. Wow… what an honor!

Here’s a candid shot that Jasun took on the set during a break, and a picture of me holding Joe’s script (yes, I got a chance to flex my acting chops as well):


My second day of filming was just as intense, but also a bit bittersweet. My scene partner was Adam Russo; I’d never met him before, so I didn’t know what to expect. As it turns out, Adam was a dream come true as well: smart, sexy, and very comfortable in his own skin. We got along great… and great chemistry makes for a great scene.

We really turned up the intensity on this shoot (prompting fetish director Paul Wilde at one point to say “We have got to get you guys into a Rough scene”) because it was a pretty special one. You see, it was director Brian Mills’ last film…. for a while, anyway. Brian is going on extended sabbatical starting next week so that he can focus on other projects. He’s taught me so much about this industry and given me the guidance and encouragement to build the confidence I need to be a successful porn actor. I’ve had so many questions, and he’s always been right there to answer them, with patience and without judgement. His final words to me were “you’re on your way to becoming a legend.” I don’t know if I’d go that far, Brian! But your faith in me has meant so much over these last several crazy months. Thank you. I’m gonna miss you… and Dakota too. She’s best porn dog ever!

I really hope we get to work together again soon.


By the way, there’s no word yet on when either scene will be released… although Joe Gage’s scene will be released fairly soon, I would imagine, because of its association with current events. As soon as I hear anything I’ll post it here (and, as always, on my Facebook and Twitter feeds too).