Pokin’ in the Boys’ Room: A “Cut to the Chase” Blooper

Here’s some poking of a different sort. In Joe Gage’s new film Cut to the Chase: A Joe Gage Chronicle, student J.D. Phoenix stays after class to get help with his homework, but winds up with a new assignment: the cocks of Professors Dolan Wolf and Dirk Caber. And while all that poking is going on, J.D. accidentally poked Dirk in the eye! Dirk took it like a champ, though, and kept on going until Joe said “cut” … then laughed it off with a hug from J.D. Watch it all unfold above.

Check out the finished scene here.

Poke Eye Out (Crop, Wide 2)

Cut to the Chase: Dirk’s new scene with legendary director Joe Gage!

Joe Gage revolutionized gay porn as we know it. His films, starting with 1976’s Kansas City Trucking Company, were among the first in the industry to really embrace the image of the rugged, testosterone-fueled man. And he’s been directing amazing films in that vein for almost 40 years. Dirk and I have both had the great fortune to work with Joe. For me, it was in his 2012 film Caught in the Act (with Jessy Ares). It’s been almost 5 years since Dirk last worked with Joe. To put that in perspective… when they last worked together, Dirk didn’t have a beard!

Dirk in Jury Duty

Dirk Caber and Roman Wright in Joe Gage’s Jury Duty

Dirk and Joe have remained friends since filming Jury Duty, and when Joe needed someone for the role of JD Phoenix‘s college professor in an upcoming project, Dirk was thrilled to answer the call. The scene was then expanded to a three-way, and Joe cast our good buddy Dolan Wolf. The result is the explosive, 54-minute third act in Cut to the Chase: A Joe Gage Chronicle… a scene that I think you guys are gonna love.

Check out the free NSFW preview at the top of this post, then stream the entire 54 minute scene here (or download it for your offline viewing pleasure) with your Titan membership. Not a member yet? Sign up now and get instant access to this and over 5,000 other scenes… including unlimited access to at no extra cost!

cttc_Title Card 1_708x708

NEW JOE GAGE! With an XXX-tra helping of Dirk!

The latest Joe Gage film is finally here! “CUT TO THE CHASE: A Joe Gage Chronicle” features a pretty amazing cast… including my hubby Dirk! (Watch the free NSFW trailer above.) Besides returning stars Dario Beck, Mike Tanner, Anthony London, and Jed Athens, “Cut to the Chase” also features two Titan newcomers: the adorable JD Phoenix and our good friend Dolan Wolf! You might have seen Dolan in a few of my pics from the recent London trip; Dirk and I are quite close with the fit Brit, and he’s even coming to New England next week to celebrate his first proper American Thanksgiving with us.

“Caught in the Act” pushes the envelope of the daddy/boy genre in a way that only Joe Gage can… including a crazy two-dads-on-one-son mêlée. (I can’t wait to see that one, cuz I happen to be quite close to two of the three guys, one with the initials D.C. and the other with the initials D.W.) The first of the three scenes, featuring Titan exclusive Dario Beck (sporting a killer ‘stache… see his pics below) and young stud Jed Athens, is out now… watch it here! The remaining two scenes will hit the web in the next couple of weeks. Get your Titan membership for as little as $0.27 a day and you can stream and/or download them all — plus over 5,000 other scenes — in splatteringly clear HD!

“Caught in the Act” is also now shipping on DVD in the TitanMen Store.

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