TitanMen’s RENT is due at midnight! (NSFW video)


My newest movie RENT is set to hit the Titan website tonight! The film, which was directed by Titan lead director Jasun Mark, stars TitanMen exclusives Dallas Steele, David Benjamin, Lorenzo Flexx, and me, along with Bruce Beckham and Vinnie Stefano! Here’s a free preview:

The first scene, starring David and Dallas as a cash-strapped couple who start renting out their home, launches tonight! Look for it here. The other two scenes will be released over the next two weeks: next week will feature my scene with Bruce as we celebrate our 10th anniversary in style, and the week after that you’ll see renter Vinnie manhandling his sub Lorenzo as Dallas looks on.

You’ll be able to watch all three scenes — and everything else in Titan’s extensive catalog — with your TitanMen membership. You can even download anything and keep it forever! Not a member? Sign up now for the introductory price of $14.95 for your first month… that’s less than 50 cents a day for thousands of hot videos!

Silverlake: Director Jasun Mark’s ode to his adoptive LA home (VIDEO)


TitanMen’s brand new film Silverlake came out this week, and it’s not your everyday porn flick. For one thing, it continues the story of Steve Roman (played by Dallas Steele) and Mark Rollins (David Benjamin), first seen in the Grabby-nominated film Cauke for President. It’s also a taste of things to come, as it contains a quick cameo of me playing “John Colby”, a character I created that you’ll be seeing a lot more of in the future:

But most importantly, the film holds a lot of personal meaning for director Jasun Mark. “It’s my love letter to my [Los Angeles] neighborhood of Silverlake,” says Jasun. “I also had to reinvent and start a new life at 40 in Silverlake. It’s got a lot of shout-outs to my new life. The Micheltorena stairs, London Street, a scene shot in my office, a sunset hookup, and even jogging past the Reagan house across from (and Leonardo DiCaprio’s house next to) our place in Palm Springs. This movie was a bit of a labor of love. [Titan’s VP] Keith [Webb] told David Benjamin and me to just make the movie we wanted to make. We walked away with a movie that was about leaving behind a life you hated and finding love. We hope you like it.”

I’ve posted the NSFW preview of scene 1, which also stars new Titan man Vinnie Stefano, above, as well as a ton of promotional and behind-the-scenes photos below. You can watch or download the scene in 1080p HD here with your Titan membership. Not a member? Sign up here and get instant access to this and literally thousands of other scenes. You’ll also be the first to access the other scenes in Silverlake, will be released over the next three weeks!

TitanMen Exclusive David Benjamin:

TitanMen Exclusive Dallas Steele:

Vinnie Stefano:

Action Pics:


“Dick it is” – Behind the scenes with Bruce Beckham and Dallas Steele

TitanMen’s new movie Blueprint opens with architect Bruce Beckham arriving at the palatial estate of owner Dallas Steele, with plans to create a new roofline. As Bruce enters, Dallas introduces himself as “Richard Jones… but my friends call me Dick.” As Bruce enters the house, Dallas follows, checking out the architect’s solid ass as he walks by.

It seems simple enough, but even the small details matter to the TitanMen crew. That’s why they did three takes of this quick intro… so they could provide you with the best possible product in the final edit. So how’d they do? Watch the completed intro here (NSFW).

Pics from the live show at Steamworks starring Dirk Caber, Dallas Steele, and Nick Prescott — with a cameo by me (NSFW)

It was billed as a meeting of two powerhouses — my hubby Dirk Caber and TitanMen exclusive Nick Prescott — to promote the Grabby-nominated Titan film Jailbreak. Nick’s Uber was stuck in traffic, though, so Dallas Steele gamely stepped in to fuck Dirk’s hungry ass fill Nick’s shoes until he got there. Okay, I admit it… all that hotness was too much for me to resist. So, with permission from the Steamworks staff, I jumped up on stage for a few minutes to get my dick sucked by my hubby. Guilty as charged!

A photographer from the amazing industry blog Queer Me Now was on hand to photograph the whole thing; I’ve reposted their pics below (click any photo to enlarge it, then use the arrow keys to scroll). If you like the photos, be sure to check out Dirk and Dallas’s Grabby-winning scene for “Best Duo”, and my scene with Nick in TitanMen’s OUT.

The triumphant return of Bruce Beckham (NSFW pics/video)

I want to take a moment to congratulate Bruce Beckham on the release of his first TitanMen scene! Bruce shot several films between 2004 and 2008, then took a break for several years before returning to the industry earlier last year. I got a chance to film a scene with Bruce back in March… what a sweet, sexy guy he is. And really easy to work with!

Dallas Steele, however, has the honor of being Bruce’s first scene partner in the new film Blueprint. Here’s a preview of their scene together — which you can watch in its entirety here — and a whole ton of promotional pics. And it won’t be long until my scene with Bruce comes out… I’ll let you know the details as we get closer to the release date!