Flashback Friday: My first photo shoot with TitanMen! (NSFW)

As I go through the process of moving all of my videos to a new, hopefully more stable hosting platform, I just came across this NSFW gem from August 29, 2011, during the photo shoot for my very first film, Surveillance:

The guy taking the pictures, Brian Mills, used to be Titan’s lead director as well as principal photographer. He worked at Titan for 20 years, and I was proud to be the very last scene he directed for the studio (with Adam Russo in Down and Dirty). The man is a genius, and between him and Titan’s current lead director/photographer Jasun Mark, I’ve learned a ton about what it takes to make those photos you see look as good as they do!

Hope you enjoy the video, which also features Surveillance stars Hunter Marx, Trenton Ducati, Christopher Daniels, and Dario Beck! Here’s what the finished photos looked like… and you can also watch the free trailer for Surveillance here!

New: XXX trailer and 82 pics from In the Shadows… with me and Dirk!

What dark desires surface when you fall asleep? What happens when dreams and reality converge? What dirty fantasies are brought to life in the shadows? What other marketing phrases will the Titan team come up with? The latest full-length feature from TitanMen features Titan exclusives Dario Beck, Kevin Lee, and Nick Prescott, as well as Titan regulars Tony Orion, Adam Champ… and my hubby Dirk Caber! And a surprise cameo at the end of the film by… me!

I’ve posted a free trailer from the film above, and a 82 (!!!) new pics below. The entire movie is now streaming at TitanMen… you can watch extended previews of scene 1 with Tony and Dario here, scene 2 with Kevin and Adam here, and scene 3 with Nick and Dirk (and me!) here. Titan subscribers can watch or download the whole film right now! Not a member? Sign up now and get instant access for as little as 27 cents a day!

The men of In the Shadows – including Dirk – and a free NSFW preview

Here’s the brand spanking new NSFW preview of In the Shadows, the latest from Titan’s star tag team of directors Jasun Mark and Paul Wilde!

My hubby Dirk’s in this one, in a pretty kick-ass fetish scene with Titan exclusive Nick Prescott… and there’s a little surprise waiting at the end. You’ll have to wait a couple of weeks to see it, though, as their scene won’t be released until January 21. Mark your calendars!


The first scene from the movie, however — starring Titan exclusive Dario Beck and the ever-sexy Tony Orion — is already out, and Titan members can watch it in its entirety on the TitanMen website. Not a subscriber? Sign up now for instant access! The movie is already shipping on DVD, by the way, so if DVDs are more your thing, or you can’t wait to see Dirk and Nick’s scene (as well as Adam Champ with Titan exclusive Kevin Lee), you can order it now and see those other two scenes before anyone else!

NEW JOE GAGE! With an XXX-tra helping of Dirk!

The latest Joe Gage film is finally here! “CUT TO THE CHASE: A Joe Gage Chronicle” features a pretty amazing cast… including my hubby Dirk! (Watch the free NSFW trailer above.) Besides returning stars Dario Beck, Mike Tanner, Anthony London, and Jed Athens, “Cut to the Chase” also features two Titan newcomers: the adorable JD Phoenix and our good friend Dolan Wolf! You might have seen Dolan in a few of my pics from the recent London trip; Dirk and I are quite close with the fit Brit, and he’s even coming to New England next week to celebrate his first proper American Thanksgiving with us.

“Caught in the Act” pushes the envelope of the daddy/boy genre in a way that only Joe Gage can… including a crazy two-dads-on-one-son mêlée. (I can’t wait to see that one, cuz I happen to be quite close to two of the three guys, one with the initials D.C. and the other with the initials D.W.) The first of the three scenes, featuring Titan exclusive Dario Beck (sporting a killer ‘stache… see his pics below) and young stud Jed Athens, is out now… watch it here! The remaining two scenes will hit the web in the next couple of weeks. Get your Titan membership for as little as $0.27 a day and you can stream and/or download them all — plus over 5,000 other scenes — in splatteringly clear HD!

“Caught in the Act” is also now shipping on DVD in the TitanMen Store.

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Pictures of my Morning Wood


Got Wood? Titan director Jasun Mark just sent me a few teaser pics (see below) from his latest feature Morning Wood, coming next week to I filmed my scene with porn legend Josh West in an absolutely stunning house with an incredible view of downtown Los Angeles. We wake up in the morning, tangled in each others’ arms and insanely horny — something that happens to me in real life every morning so this role came naturally to me — and then Josh fucks me senseless. The man is hung like a friggin’ Clydesdale! The whole experience was utterly mind- and load-blowing, something I’ll talk more about when the film comes out on August 20th.

Jasun’s seen a rough cut of the film, and has written about it on his blog. Morning Wood also features Titan exclusives Nick Prescott and Dario Beck, Tyler Edwards, and the unstoppable Tom Wolfe. Looks like it’s gonna be a good one!