Blueprint scene 2: Matthew Bosch, Eric Nero, and a really big ‘D’

Scene 2 from TitanMen’s Blueprint is here, and it features the pairing of two exclusives: Matthew Bosch and Eric Nero. Eric plays the owner of Big “D” Construction Company, and when Matthew asks him why it’s called Big “D”, Eric says it’s because he has a big… well, you know. I’ve posted the NSFW preview above and a bunch of pics below. You can watch the entire 41 minute scene here with your TitanMen membership. Not a member? Join today and get instant access to the entire TitanMen library — and you can even download the videos to keep forever.

By the way, I had the pleasure of working with the amazing Eric Nero in the Grabby-nominated film Jailbreak… you can watch our scene here. And rumor has it that I might be filming with Mr. Bosch very soon. Stay tuned!

Eric Nero:

Matthew Bosch:

Action Pics:


Whoops! Eric Nero & Tex Davidson accidentally webcast fuck session!

Tex Davidson was broadcasting a live show on TitanLive, and while he was in the middle of pumping for his live audience, there was a knock at the door. Who should it be but tax auditor Eric Nero… sporting a hot new beard, I might add. The two of them quickly got busy… but Tex forgot to turn off the webcam!

That’s the plot of Tex and Eric’s scene in the new film Taxman Cumeth, available exclusively from TitanMen. The movie also stars David Benjamin with Diesel Washington (scene 2, which is a crossover from OUT!), and Nick Prescott with Adam Ramzi (scene 3). The final two scenes will be released over the next two weeks, but you can watch Tex and Eric’s scene now with your Titan membership. Not a member? Sign up now to stream Titan’s entire catalog in HD — or download them to keep forever — and watch new scenes the instant they come out!

[Side note: I’m doing my taxes today. Man, all these 1099s really suck! And not in a good way. –Jesse]

VIDEO: Behind the scenes of Jailbreak… and I need your help!

Jailbreak Banner 708

Happy Saturday! I’ve got some cool behind-the-scenes video to share with you, but first the Titan guys and I need your help. Our film Jailbreak has been nominated for the coveted “Fan Favorite” at this year’s Grabby Awards. It’s the only category in which voting is open to the public… so please cast your vote for Jailbreak here! It only takes 5 seconds and no registration is required.

And if you’re feeling extra generous… I was also nominated for the “Best International Porn Star” award at the UK-based Prowler Awards! If you can please vote for me here too, that would be super-extra-awesome! My entry’s about 1/3 of the way down the page, but be sure to vote for your faves in other categories too! Thank you!! 

OK, now for the fun stuff:

Last October when we were filming Jailbreak, TitanMen exclusive Eric Nero and I shot the above behind-the-scenes video on my iPhone. Before we film any scene, Jasun typically takes a bunch of pictures of us in (and out) of costume that are used to promote the film. I captured some video of Eric’s photo shoot, then handed my phone to him so he could shoot some video of mine. I hope you enjoy this look at part of our long — but satisfying — day on set. (You can see the finished product here.)

Thanks for watching… and for voting here and here!

OUT! scene 2 with Diesel Washington and Eric Nero (free NSFW video)

Just released moments ago… here’s your free NSFW preview of scene two from TitanMen’s OUT! starring TitanMen exclusives Diesel Washington and Eric Nero!

In scene one, my character A.J. Benson — manager of the San Francisco Titans baseball team — decides to come out on national TV. The interview airs while Titans pitcher Jake Stickland (Eric Nero) is getting a massage from trainer Tony Snow (Diesel Washington). Jake is surprised, but Tony isn’t fazed: “Coach and I have been buddies for years,” he says. One thing leads to another, and before long, the curious Jake ends up getting plowed by the enormous Tony. (And I do mean enormous: Diesel is 6′ 6″ and 250 pounds… and, well, hung like a fucking horse.)

You can watch the full scene here.

Both these guys are amazing performers. I worked with Eric in the movie Jail Break — watch our scene here — and I filmed a scene with Diesel late last year that’s set for a May release. (To watch or download Jail Break, OUT!, or any of Titan’s other films, sign up now and get instant access for as little as $0.32 a day!)

Here are a bunch of pics from the film… enjoy! And for more goodies from OUT!, be sure to check out the film’s official companion website

A few more “Live from the Set” pics from this week in Palm Springs

I couldn’t resist sharing. Here you go.