Free extended previews of all my scenes (and 6250 FULL scenes for 47 cents)

This post is all about ME! Well… me and the 971 other TitanMen. But first… ME! 😉   Here are all my Titan extended previews, all in one place, for your viewing pleasure:


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By the way, I’ve filmed a whopping six more scenes already (they’ll start coming out just before Christmas) and will be shooting again very soon, so there’ll be lots more of me to watch over the next year. 😉

FYI, the previews above are for the following films (you can click on any of these links for additional information about that movie): Surveillance (and the bonus watersports scene), Command Performance, Incubus 2: The Final Chapter, Loud and Nasty, and Fast Friends.

Let’s talk about specs, baby!

I’ve been wearing glasses since I was 9 years old (see photographic evidence at right, which I’m surprised I never burned). In fact, I was one of the first people in my elementary school class to need them. I had this awful pair of brown plastic things that were way too big for my face, and also a pair of those huge plastic sports goggles like Kareem Adbul-Jabbar used to wear (except I also wore a rainbow-colored elastic band to keep them in place, leaving no doubt as to my sexuality, not to mention my lack of taste). This trend of ugly eyewear continued through 10th grade when I finally got contacts… but I still wore my glasses most of the time. And I still do. These days, I only wear my contacts for sports, the gym, (sometimes) when I go out, and for shooting porn… but that last part’s about to change.

The response to my most recent scene (with Mack Manus in Fast Friends — pics below) has been overwhelming… and most of you have said the same thing: “I LOVE that you wore your glasses in that scene! You don’t see enough of that in porn!” Well, I hear you… and Titan hears you too. Based entirely on your feedback, we’ve decided to work my glasses into a future Titan scene (probably the one I’m filming next week). I can’t wait to see how it turns out. One thing’s for certain, though… it’s sure to be a “spectacle.” 😎

Also, you gotta love a studio that listens to its fans. Yet another reason I love working with those guys!

The scene so nice, we filmed it twice

Sometimes it takes a little extra time to make a quality product. It was February 28, 2012; although it was warm in San Francisco, it was still winter, so the days were pretty short. We’d been filming Fast Friends all day; Jasun Mark picked Mack Manus and me up at the gym at 9 am, director Brian Mills shot the promotional stills in the morning, then we filmed the intro and outdoor portions of the scene before breaking for lunch. A half-hour later we were back at it, filming the oral part of the scene in the shower before moving to the Titan production office to film the rimming and fucking.

We filmed the rimming portion of the scene just fine and started in on the fucking, but by this time it was getting pretty late in the day. Under ordinary circumstances we’d have kept going, but the Titan front office has a lot of natural light and the sun was starting to set. The studio lights that had been set up started to cast some pretty severe shadows across the room. After a few minutes, Brian asked us if we could take a break and resume filming the next day. Mack was in town all week and I was set to film Loud and Nasty with my boyfriend Dirk a couple days later… so in the interest of giving you guys the very best scene possible, we wrapped for the day and were back at it the next afternoon with renewed energy and more light!

Editing the footage together from two different days must have been a challenge, but leave it to crack editor T.P. Deaux to make it look absolutely seamless! Check out the two screen captures from the scene below, one from day 1 and one from day 2. Pretty amazing, huh? Watch the whole scene in streaming HD now and see for yourself… I challenge you to spot the differences!

Tons of NSFW pics from “Fast Friends”

Here’s a bunch of X-rated promo pics from Fast Friends that the Titan guys just sent me! Hope you like ’em!

Titan subscribers can watch the whole movie in streaming HD right now. Non-members: Sign up today and get instant access for as little as $11.66 a month, but that special sale price won’t last long… it’ll jump back up to $29.95 before you can say “cumshot!” 😉



Bumping and Grinding: A Grande Affair

In my scene in Fast Friends, my work day is interrupted by a drifter (played by Mack Manus) banging around in the dumpster outside. I offer to bring him inside and get him cleaned up, one thing leads to another… and I end up hiring him because of the great “job” he did on me. 😉

There’s a little tag tacked onto the end of scene that shows us working in the office together; you may notice I’m holding a cup of coffee. That’s a bit of an inside joke: Mack created his drifter’s costume himself, and dirtied it up by smearing coffee grinds from the Titan office coffeemaker all over it. I thought it would be cool to somehow include the coffee itself in the scene too, and director Brian Mills was kind enough to indulge me.

While we’re on the subject… I have an almost unhealthy love affair with coffee. I’ve been drinking the stuff ever since my high school Latin teacher allowed us to have it in class (“If you’re old enough to speak Latin, you’re old enough to drink coffee,” she’d say). I have at least two cups a day, usually more. In fact, I’m sitting in my usual Starbucks writing this post right now. Once you register your Starbucks card, you get free in-house refills… which, I swear, will be the death of me. You also get a coupon got a free drink for every 15 you buy, and as you can see (in the picture to the right) I have more free drink certificates than I know what to do with.

Needless to say, coffee’s a big part of my life. So imagine my delight when I discovered that Dirk is just as much a coffeeholic as I am. Our first priority every morning (after untangling our sweaty naked bodies, of course) is making – or finding – coffee. I’m not much of a morning person, though; we often seek out a coffee shop because this is what happens when I try to open a container of creamer at home before I have my all-important first cup of the day:

I swear that’s what it is… the damn bottle exploded! Really!

When Dirk and I do seek out a coffee shop, Starbucks is fine, but when we’re in SF we always make a point of stopping by Philz. You can’t beat the Tesora there. And in NYC there’s Grumpy. Yum.

If you look closely, you’ll see that Dirk’s travel mug has a picture of… well… us on it. I gave it to him. With us living in different cities, I thought it would be nice if he could see us together every morning, even if we can’t be together. Yeah… I’m a total sap. He seems to like it, though, and it’s fun to hear him tell me how people’s faces light up when they see our mugs on his mug. 😀