Nick Prescott & George Ce in Fast Paced: New behind-the-scenes pics!

It’s no secret that I’m a big fan of both Nick Prescott and George Ce. Nick’s versatile, has that tight, hairy, muscular body… and he grunts a lot, which I love. And George… what can I say, the man’s a beast… and that cock of his is so thick and juicy. Their scene in Fast Paced became an instant TitanMen classic when it came out last year.

I was just cleaning up my computer and found some behind-the-scenes pictures of Nick and George’s scene that I thought I’d share with you. And now I’m going to go watch the scene again. Man, it never gets old.

Here’s a preview of the scene for you guys; you can watch the whole 33 minute scene here.

Clash of the TitanMen: Hunter Marx & George Ce (NSFW Pics/Video)

It doesn’t happen very often, but when two Titan exclusives work together — like Hunter Marx and George Ce in the following clip from the brand new Titan film Friends with Benefits — the result is always explosive:

If the preview doesn’t play, try this alternate link.

Friends with Benefits, which also stars Scott Hunter, Matt Stevens, Tyler Edwards, and Casey More, is now available exclusively from TitanMen. Stream or download it now with your Titan membership. Not a member? Sign up now for instant access.

I’ve posted a bunch of promotional shots from George and Hunter’s scene below. Enjoy!

Presenting HOUSE RULES… and a brand new Titan director! (NSFW)

House Rules Title (Ce and Berlin)Long time production assistant Dave Richards, a very good friend of mine, makes his directorial debut with the first scene from TitanMen’s all-new film House Rules, and I couldn’t be happier for him! In the scene, TitanMen Exclusive George Ce and our good friend Hans Berlin play recent ex-boyfriends, with George arriving to pick up the last of his things. Knowing glances are exchanged, and soon they’re kissing and sucking each other’s big uncut dicks. Eventually George drives his thick dick up Hans’ tight butt for one last roll in the hay.

“Over the past couple years, I’ve had the privilege to work with directors Jasun Mark, Paul Wilde, and Brian Mills,” Dave told me. “But mostly I used what I’ve learned working with the legendary Joe Gage for this scene. The way he sets his cameras for each take, his approach to dialogue, the time he spends building the seduction… I really wanted to emulate that style. Of course, this being a Titan scene, things move along a little quicker than what you’d normally get from Joe. Titan editor T.P. Deaux has a post-it note on his monitor that reads ‘See Dick Sooner.’ I took that to heart.”

On working with Hans and George, Dave said, “I’ve known George since Titan signed him as an exclusive, and I first met Hans on the set of On Tap, in which he co-starred with Jessy Ares. Consummate professionals. Neither man was new to this, and they seemed to genuinely like each other, so they really made my job that much easier.”

Dave has helped out on set countless times during my tenure as a Titan exclusive, but I’ve never worked under him as my director. “Hopefully Titan fans will like the scene enough that they’ll ask me to direct again,” Dave concluded. “This was fun.” I hope so too, because I’d love to shoot a scene for him someday!

Here’s a bunch of pictures from Dave’s Titan directorial debut. Watch the full scene now with your Titan membership. Not a member? Join now and get instant access to this and thousands of other scenes. And for a limited time, you can get a one week all-access trial for just $9.95!

Me and Dave Richards

Dave Richards, TitanMen’s newest director, and me in 2012.

Fast Paced scene 3 with Nick Prescott and George Ce is one of the hottest scenes I’ve ever watched.

Wow. Whenever I watch this scene I instantly get hard. I’ve always thought that both George Ce and Nick Prescott are insanely hot, so when I heard that these two fellow TitanMen exclusives were doing a scene together my head almost exploded. I’d been looking forward to it for a while, but now that it’s out it’s actually exceeded my expectations. All that sweaty grunting, watching George’s thick cock pound that hot ass and seeing Nick’s whole body tense up as he shoots his load… well, let’s just say that when Dirk was away last week I jerked off to this scene like a billion times. (One of the perks of being a Titan exclusive is that I get an early look at all the films. Not bad, eh?)

Fast Paced (which also stars Trenton Ducati, Jake Genesis, JR Bronson, and Marcus Ruhl) is out now. Stream or download the full movie here with your Titan membership. Not a member? Sign up now for instant access to this and over 5,000 other scenes!

As a bonus, here’s a bunch of pics from the scene for your spank bank.

Cancer socks

Dirk Caber and Jesse Jackman SoaC 1  Dirk Caber and Jesse Jackman SoaC 2 Crop

Cancer sucks. Almost everyone I know has been affected by the disease in some way. So when Dirk and I heard there was an international campaign called “Sock on a Cock” — in which guys post pictures of themselves wearing only a sock to raise awareness in the fight against testicular cancer — we were eager to participate, along with a number of our TitanMen friends and colleagues. Dirk and I believe that the campaign should not stop at raising awareness, though. To that end, we’re making a donation to the American Cancer Society, and we encourage you to do the same… please go to and give what you can. By the way, here’s info on how you can give yourself a testicular exam.

Here are some pics of our fellow TitanMen proudly wearing nothing but hose on their hoses. Titan’s resident blogger Finn Brooks has been posting new pictures as the guys send them in… check out the latest pics here.