Flashback Friday: My first photo shoot with TitanMen! (NSFW)

As I go through the process of moving all of my videos to a new, hopefully more stable hosting platform, I just came across this NSFW gem from August 29, 2011, during the photo shoot for my very first film, Surveillance:

The guy taking the pictures, Brian Mills, used to be Titan’s lead director as well as principal photographer. He worked at Titan for 20 years, and I was proud to be the very last scene he directed for the studio (with Adam Russo in Down and Dirty). The man is a genius, and between him and Titan’s current lead director/photographer Jasun Mark, I’ve learned a ton about what it takes to make those photos you see look as good as they do!

Hope you enjoy the video, which also features Surveillance stars Hunter Marx, Trenton Ducati, Christopher Daniels, and Dario Beck! Here’s what the finished photos looked like… and you can also watch the free trailer for Surveillance here!

Officer Dirk Caber is back… with an even bigger Package (NSFW)

Officer Caber is back! My hubby Dirk, who fucked Matthew Bosch in scene 2 of Package, returns in scene 3, responding to a noise complaint at the home of Hunter Marx and Max Sargent. Dirk soon has the two studs down on their knees, then Dirk fucks Hunter, Hunter fucks Max, Hunter fucks Dirk… there’s so much action that I kind of lost track!

You can watch the full scene here with your TitanMen membership. Not a member? Sign up now to get instant access to this and thousands of other Titan scenes for just a few cents a day. You can stream them to your PC or mobile device, or download them to keep forever.

Here’s a ton of action and promotional photos from Dirk, Hunter, and Max’s scene for you… enjoy!

Dirk Caber:

TitanMen Exclusive Hunter Marx:

Max Sargent:

Action Pics:


Dirk plays a cop in Titan’s new scene! Sploosh. (NSFW VIDEO)


Here’s the setup: TitanMen exclusive Matthew Bosch plays a delivery man who delivers a package to the home of sexy and shirtless Hunter Marx. The package is damaged and must be inspected… and it’s full of TitanMen merchandise, including a DVD with Hunter on the cover! That proves too much for Matthew to handle, and his raging hard-on gets Hunter’s attention. The two go at it… and that’s just in scene 1:

Scene 2 of TitanMen’s new film Package takes place back at Matthew’s home. His husband Dirk Caber, an officer of the law [OMG, right?!?!], comes home to catch Matthew watching Hunter’s porn online. Matthew tells Dirk about his encounter with Hunter, and the story turns Dirk on so much that he eagerly takes over for Matthew’s hand:

For me, it’s ALL about Dirk’s uniform. There’s something about the Men in Blue that really gets me going… I even dated one once, and it was one of the hottest experiences of my life. And now seeing Dirk in uniform… just WOW. I’m getting hard just writing this.

You can watch the whole scene here with your Titan membership. (Scene 1 with Matthew and Hunter is here.) Of course, with your Titan membership, you can watch or download any of Titan’s thousands of scenes, photos, and other content. Not a member? Sign up here for instant access for as little as 33 cents a day — and you get to keep your downloads forever!

I’ve posted a ton of pics from Matthew and Dirk’s scene below, including a bunch that were taken behind the scenes. Enjoy!

TitanMen Exclusive Matthew Bosch:

Featured Titan Man Dirk Caber:

Action Pics:


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A few more “Live from the Set” pics from this week in Palm Springs

I couldn’t resist sharing. Here you go.