All New Porn Star Karaoke: Kelly Clarkson’s “Go” with Liam Knox, Steve Roman, Jasun Mark, and me!

Not long ago, I flew to Palm Springs for a day to film with hot new stud Steve Roman. (I love breaking in the newbies!) That evening, director Jasun Mark and I grabbed him — along with Liam Knox, who was filming with Steve the next day — and recorded an all new Porn Star Karaoke video set to a little-known but extremely catchy Kelly Clarkson song called “Go,” which I’ve posted above. We had a lot of fun filming it, and we hope you enjoy it!

Watch Liam and Steve in action in their brand new scene (link NSFW), just released this week… you can watch more Porn Star Karaoke videos here, too. And stay tuned for my scene with sexy Steve, coming soon exclusively from TitanMen!


New Behind-the-Scenes Video: “Après Porn” (Parts 1 and 2)
Jasun Mark and I unwind after a long day on set… plus Liam Knox, and a glimpse of the “new guy”

In the two videos below, you can see that TitanMen lead director Jasun Mark and I have different ways of treating ourselves after a long but rewarding day of filming porn. To each his own, I guess! The second video also has a brief cameo of TitanMen exclusive Liam Knox, plus a brand new Titan Man whom I had the pleasure of breaking in for his very first porn shoot!

Jasun and I shot these videos of each other on the TitanMen set in Palm Springs last Friday (January 17). Liam’s first scene (with fellow exclusive Dallas Steele) comes out next month, followed by scenes with both me and my hubby Dirk Caber. And watch for the new guy’s debut scenes — one with me and one with Liam — coming this spring, exclusively from TitanMen!

Behind-the-Scenes Video: Filming the QueerMeNow Anniversary Card

The industry-leading blog recently celebrated its 10th anniversary, and we here at TitanMen recorded a congratulatory video to mark the occasion (which you can watch here). And as we were filming it, I shot a little behind-the-scenes video of my own:

In the video are Alex Mecum, Alex Graham, Jason Vario, and me, with quick glimpses of TitanMen’s VP Keith Webb and lead director Jasun Mark. I hope you enjoyed it!

In case you missed it, here’s the finished “Happy Anniversary” video:

VIDEO: Happy 10th Anniversary QueerMeNow from us TitanMen!

The groundbreaking gay porn blog Queer Me Now just celebrated their 10th anniversary… congratulations, guys! We here at Titan took time out from filming the sequel to Cauke for President to film this little “Happy Anniversary” video, which clearly we had way too much fun making. In the video — which was shot by TitanMen lead director Jasun Mark — are me, Alex Graham, Jason Vario, and Alex Mecum. Hope you enjoy it!

THANK YOU, Queer Me Now, for all you’ve done for all of us at TitanMen and for the industry over the last ten years. Here’s to a happy, horny, and successful next ten years and beyond!

Video: Jasun Mark, Jason Vario, Alex Graham, and I do Lady Gaga!

After an exhausting week of shooting our new Jasun Mark-directed movie — which comes out in November — we decided to have some fun in the car on the way to the gym. And nothing says fun like Porn Star Karaoke! In the car we’ve got Jasun Mark (driving), amazing new Titan man Jason Vario (the new guy in the passenger seat), Alex Graham (behind Jason), and yours truly of course. We ran through the song five times, Jasun edited it that night, and he posted it the next morning. Hope you enjoy it!

Everybody has been asking about Jason Vario. He’s new, he’s Canadian, he’s amazing, and he’s one of the sweetest guys I’ve ever been on set with. We haven’t filmed a scene together — yet — but we had great off-camera chemistry and I really hope we get a chance to work together someday!!

Here are a bunch of screen captures from the video. Some of the expressions on our faces — Jasun’s especially — are priceless. Be sure to check out Jasun’s other “Porn Star Karaoke” videos, including this one with Scott Hunter and my hubby Dirk!

Yup, at the end of the video, I did flip my phone into the trunk. Check out Alex’s reaction:

Photo Jun 30, 11 49 31 AMPhoto Jun 30, 11 51 26 AM

Oh, and the fuzzy dice are a nod to the original Lady Gaga video. My idea, thank you very much.