TitanMen releases HARDWOOD… Six HOT outdoor sex scenes!

It’s a big week for my hot sexy hubby! Hot on the heels of our scene together in SWEAT (watch a free preview here), Dirk appears in TitanMen’s all-new, all-star compilation HARDWOOD: TitanMen in the Great Outdoors. It features six of Titan’s best scenes that capture red-hot outdoor sex… and check out this crazy good cast:

TitanMen Exclusives François Sagat, Dean Flynn, and Dario Beck
Jessy Ares – Billy Berlin – Marco Blaze – “Carlos” – Darius Falke – Dirk Jager – Tyler Peter
Spencer Reed – Miguel Sabroso – Glenn Santoro
and, of course, my hubby
Dirk Caber!

It’s a pretty great compilation, especially if you like it dans la nature and au naturel. (I love having sex outside, by the way… if there’s ever a Hardwood Part 2, I hope it’ll include my scene with Anthony London in Scruffy. )

I’ve posted a free XXX preview from HARDWOOD above and loads of promotional pics below . You can watch or download all six scenes right now with your Titan membership. Not a member? Sign up now and get instant access and unlimited streaming to thousands of scenes for as little as $0.27 a day. This compilation also makes a great collector’s item, and you can buy it on DVD for just $19 in the Titan Store.

Anyway, on to the pics… loads and loads and loads of pics. (Mmmmm… loads…….)

I’m a Joe Gage man! Here’s my brand new scene with Jessy Ares in “Caught in the Act: A Joe Gage Chronicle” with tons of XXX pics!

XXX Preview of Caught in the Act, scene 3

I’m a Joe Gage man at last! I’m thrilled to announce that my first scene with the legendary director, a military interrogation scene with the amazing Jessy Ares, has finally been released! Ripped from the headlines, I play an Army colonel sent to protect U.S. Secret Service agents at an international political summit in Santiago, Chile. Against agency policy, the Secret Service agents hire prostitutes, and I witness the whole thing. In order to make sure I keep my mouth shut, Agent Ares confiscates my passport and won’t give it back to me unless I let him fuck me. Which, reluctantly, I do… but I end up enjoying it as much as he does. And I do get my passport back.  

Check out the a three XXX minute preview of the scene, part of the Joe Gage compilation Caught in the Act: A Joe Gage Chronicle, above. I’m also posting 38 new promotional and action photos below.

Titan subscribers can watch the full 34-minute scene in streaming HD right now… and thanks to Titan’s new download capability, you can also download the scene in its entirety, 100% DRM-free! If you’re not a Titan member, sign up today for the low price of $99/year (or, if you prefer, you can pick up a 15-day trial membership for just $9.95) at for access to literally thousands of videos from Titan, Titan Rough, ManPlay, Mack Studio, Michael Lucas, and more! And if DVDs are more your thing, you can also order Caught in the Act on DVD; it also includes scenes with Christopher Daniels (in glasses!), Tyler Griz, Adam Russo, and Conner Habib!

Now… here are those pics I promised. Hope you like the scene!



Full Metal Jackman: The story behind my all-new military interrogration scene

On April 27, 2012 I flew to San Francisco so I could film my first scene with legendary porn director Joe Gage. The scene was going to be called “Military Exam Room 7” and I was going to play an Army officer named Colonel Cash undergoing a routine medical examination by medical technician Jessy Ares.

And then the news broke.

Caught in the Act Snapshot 2

Over a dozen U.S. Secret Service agents and military personnel had been accused of hiring and subsequently mistreating prostitutes during the Sixth Summit of the Americas in Cartagena, Colombia. It was the start of what would become a major scandal for the U.S government. Joe, clearly inspired, decided to scrap the idea of a medical examination scene and instead decided to create an interrogation scenario based entirely on the events on the moment. I would still play Col. Cash, but Jessy would now play a Secret Service agent. I’d seen something I shouldn’t have; worried that I might alert my superiors, Agent Ares confiscates my passport and threatens not to return it until I swear not to tell anyone… and, of course, not until after he’d had his way with me. Joe changed the location from Cartagena to Santiago, but otherwise you can totally imagine this all unfolding in real life.


The scene, part of Titan’s new film Caught in the Act: A Joe Gage Chronicle, has been in the editing queue for quite some time, but it finally hits the web tomorrow (December 3)! Watch the preview below, then sign up at for an entire year of Titan membership for just $99 (a savings of $270) when you take advantage of Titan’s Cyber Monday sale. With your membership, you’ll not only be able to see my scene in Caught in the Act on Tuesday, you can watch Titan’s entire video library of over 5,000 videos instantly on your desktop or mobile device. You can now even download full scenes DRM-free and get unlimited access to Titan’s fetish site, It’s a great deal… but the $99 sale ends in just a few hours so don’t wait!


Hustlaball Pics, Part 2: Balls to the Wall

Thanks (again!) to QueerMeNow and their devoted reader Lionel for providing even more pics from the Hustlaball live show! A whopping 39 new pics of me, Dirk Caber, and Jessy Ares are posted below. (The original set is here.)

I’m also including a bunch of pictures from Dolan Wolf and Justin King‘s live show. Justin’s my new porn crush… such a sweet, sexy, fun-loving stud. Check him out in this awesome music video that TitanMen director Jasun Mark filmed on the way to a recent shoot. Justin’s Titan scenes aren’t out yet, but you can bet your sweet ass I’m gonna check them out when they do. Wish we coulda hung out more! Dolan, by the way, is a really good friend of Dirk and mine; in fact, I met Dolan at the same time I met Dirk and I thought they were boyfriends. I was really disappointed until I found out that they weren’t. The rest is history.

Okay, enough chatter… on to the pictures!

Pictures from the live show at Hustlaball!

The fine folks over at QueerMeNow just posted a few pictures of last live show at Hustlaball with me, Dirk, and Jessy Ares! It’s really interesting for us stage performers to see what we look like from the crowd… it’s kind of like listening to a recording of your own voice.

I’ve done a handful of live shows, but I’d never cum on stage before. The plan was for Jessy to start off fucking Dirk and then I would take over. I was feeling super horny already, but watching Jessy fuck my husband only made it worse. When it was my turn I could barely contain myself. After a few minutes of fucking Dirk doggy-style I could feel myself getting close, despite the nerves of performing in front of such a large audience. So at the last possible moment I pulled out, whipped the condom off, screamed and shot a huge load all over Dirk’s back and ass. The last pic captures the moment kinda perfectly. What a satisfying ending to a really fun night.

By the way, I wasn’t done with Dirk yet… we went home and I fucked him again. Told you I was super horny!