Here’s an NSFW behind-the-scenes clip of me and Dirk… from some alternate universe, apparently

It’s so strange… nobody can remember filming this. Not me, not Dirk, not even Jasun Mark, who filmed it (you can hear his voice in the background)… nobody. Jasun found it on his iPhone while he was going through some old videos. Based on the date it was filmed (February 29, 2012), it’s apparently a behind-the-scenes clip from the set of Loud and Nasty, which was the first scene that Dirk and I ever shot together. (We’ve since shot three more.)

Here’s a bunch of production stills from our scene in Loud and Nasty. Titan members can watch or download the entire 53-minute scene here. Not a member? Sign up now and get instant access for as little as $0.32 a day.

Free extended previews of all my scenes (and 6250 FULL scenes for 47 cents)

This post is all about ME! Well… me and the 971 other TitanMen. But first… ME! 😉   Here are all my Titan extended previews, all in one place, for your viewing pleasure:


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By the way, I’ve filmed a whopping six more scenes already (they’ll start coming out just before Christmas) and will be shooting again very soon, so there’ll be lots more of me to watch over the next year. 😉

FYI, the previews above are for the following films (you can click on any of these links for additional information about that movie): Surveillance (and the bonus watersports scene), Command Performance, Incubus 2: The Final Chapter, Loud and Nasty, and Fast Friends.

Hey Hey, It’s My Birthday!

Well, it was my birthday earlier this month (July 3)… and look what my man got me!

After Dirk and I filmed Titan Rough: Loud and Nasty, Titan sent me a sweet promotional image from the scene of the two of us, nose-to-nose, laughing because we were having so much fun. I decided to play around with it in Photoshop and posted an artsy, line-drawn version to my Facebook page. Unbeknownst to me, Dirk sent that image off to a company that prints on canvas… and voilà! What a fucking awesome birthday present. Here are the two versions of the original image; also be sure to check out the scene it came from!


Conquering my fears

I’ve always had three irrational fears: electrical current, hot wax, and balloons (don’t ask). As you can see in this behind-the-scenes clip, the Loud and Nasty scene that Dirk and I filmed went a long way to helping me conquer fear #1. I’m hoping my next Titan Rough film will somehow involve hot wax — like in my buddy Shay Michaels’ hot scene with Leo Forte in Submit — so I can address fear #2. Fear #3, though, is probably going to be with me for life… unless Titan decides to make a sequel to Funhouse.

Check out the full 51 minute scene here.

Me and Dirk get “Loud and Nasty” ON DEMAND… plus FIFTEEN new stills!

The day is FINALLY here! The final scene of “Loud and Nasty” — starring yours truly and my insanely hot boyfriend Dirk Caber — is now available through Titan Video on Demand… and it’s nearly 51 MINUTES LONG!! Dirk and I are REALLY excited about this (can you tell by all the capital letters?), and we’re hoping you’ll get excited too! CHECK IT OUT!!

If you’re not a Titan subscriber, you can sign up now… and to help you make up your mind, you can watch a free 2-minute preview of “Loud and Nasty” here. When you join, you’ll have unlimited streaming access to over FIVE THOUSAND videos from legendary directors such as Joe Gage (who I had the pleasure of filming with recently), Chi Chi LaRue, Michael Lucas, and Bruce Cam… and the movies all play perfectly on your PC, laptop, and/or mobile device. Ain’t technology wonderful? 😉   Meanwhile, here’s a huge gallery of stills for your enjoyment!