“Faster Than Ordering a Pizza” starring Titan Man Adam Ramzi

I have to admit that this new Manhunt ad made chuckle… and the guy on the right side of the split-screen is none other than Titan man Adam Ramzi! Adam’s a super sweet guy, and I really hope I get a chance to work with him someday. My hubby Dirk filmed a scene with him recently that will be out later this year, and Adam is also in the new Titan film Cauke for President (he’s the one who utters the infamous line “I can’t vote, I’m from Canada”).

But that’s not all… the Manhunt ad also features Titan man Leo Forte as Adam’s first hookup. Leo also starred with my buddy Race Cooper in the Titan film Loud and Nasty, among others.

So yeah… it was great to see a couple of Titan guys in this cute ad. Hey Manhunt: When you film your next commercial, Dirk and I would totally be into being in it. Let us know! And by the way… who’s the guy on the left?

Pics from a crazy Mid-Atlantic Leather weekend (NSFF)

Here’s a selection of NSFF* photos that we took at Mid-Atlantic Leather in Washington, DC last weekend! We’re really grateful that so many wonderful people stopped by the Manhunt booth to say hi. And of course, we want to send the Manhunt guys a great big thank you for making the weekend possible for us! Enjoy the photos!

– Jesse & Dirk

* NSFF stands for “Not Safe For Facebook” … although they’re safe for almost everywhere else!

Oh, the places you’ll go…

Toys 2

What better way to celebrate the release of my latest scene with a trip to Key West’s Island House, and what better way to celebrate a trip to Island House than to play with some brand new toys! Manhunt, Island House, and the organizers of Bone Island Weekend were kind enough to provide Dirk and me with a box of goodies for us to play with last night in front of a live poolside audience… and play we did. It was essentially an adult Tupperware party, and it was awesome. Check out some of my NSFW pics below, and yes, that is a pig tail in my ass. (All of the toys, by the way, are available at… Dirk and I get to keep the ones we used for the demo, though. Sorry guys! )

Dirk and I would like to send out a HUGE collective thank you to Island House, Manhunt, Naked Key West, and the Key West Business Guild for your amazing hospitality… we love it here and we love you guys!

Curve or Choke

Every once in a while I get a message from one of my friends that says something like this: “Hey, I was just on Manhunt and a pic of you popped up! Wasn’t expecting to see that!” While I understand how that could be awkward (a lot of my friends like to keep “friend” Jesse separate from “porn” Jesse), I actually think it’s pretty cool that I keep showing up on Manhunt even when I’m not logged in. After all, not only do I love promoting the site, I’ve been a member since 2001 and met my best friend on there! Here are some of the ads that have been running lately… a bunch with me and one with Dirk. Check ’em out! You just gotta love the “Curve or Choke” one… which was actually the very first promotional image I got to see from my scene with Mack Manus in Fast Friends.

By the way, that’s Christopher Daniels’ enormous cock I’m licking during our scene in Incubus 2, and the stud in the background of Dirk’s ad is our good friend – and fellow Titan Man – the one and only Alessio Romero.

Pictures from Manhunt Jockstrap Night at Exile Bar in Columbus, Ohio

Last weekend Dirk and I ventured to Columbus, Ohio to participate in Manhunt Jockstrap Night at the fabulous Exile Bar. The game was simple: Drop your pants, let us help you put on a jock, and you get to keep it. We gave away hundreds of ’em. And at the end of the night, I auctioned off my jock for $100 to benefit the Columbus Lesbian & Gay Softball Association. (I play a lot of team sports, so I was only too happy to help support a good cause!) Thanks to Manhunt and Exile for sponsoring such a fun event!

And now for some pics (courtesy of the official Manhunt Flickr stream)…