The Gay Comic Geek reviews OUT!

I always look forward to watching the Gay Comic Geek‘s porn reviews. They’re really fun to watch — Paul’s energy is infectious — but beyond that, they give you a really honest assessment of each film’s quality. But I’ve been especially looking forward to this review of TitanMen’s OUT! because I’m so proud of this film. Here’s the NSFW review:

To me, the best part of the review is when Paul talks about the film’s message. “One of the best aspects about this movie is the coming out aspect,” he says. “It was treated very positively. Many porn movies treat the aspect of staying in the closet as much more important, and having much of of a sexualized aspect to it. In this movie, once they do come out, it’s very positive and something that I think is really good.” Thanks, Paul… that’s exactly what we were going for! You can read about how OUT! came to be here.

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VIDEO: Me, Dallas Steele, and that whole “acting” thing

The fourth and final scene of TitanMen’s OUT! has been getting some great reviews… thank you!! You guys really seem to like the pairing of me and Dallas Steele! Dallas was a breeze to work with… he’s a really sweet, sexy, passionate guy, plus he’s been a real-life newscaster for almost 20 years, so he’s quite comfortable in front of the camera. I, on the other hand, needed some help. You may already know that I co-wrote the script along with Titan’s VP Keith Webb… but what you may not know is that I also hired Mike Dreyden, a former Titan Man who has since moved on to mainstream acting, to help me learn how to deliver my (own) lines. His lessons were absolutely invaluable. Thanks, Mike… I hope I made you proud!

In a exclusive, I’ve posted the first 2 1/2 minutes of the scene above. The clip features most of the lines — although there are a few more sprinkled throughout the 43-minute scene — as well as cameos by TitanMen director Jasun Mark and my hubby Dirk Caber! Titan members can watch the scene in its entirety here, as well as thousands of other scenes. Not a Titan member? Sign up now for instant, unlimited access!

Here’s where to look for Dirk and Jasun in the above video, by the way:

NEW: Dallas Steele and I flip fuck in the explosive OUT finale! (NSFW)

This scene was 20 years in the making! In the finale of TitanMen’s OUT!, I conclude my live coming-out TV interview with my former teammate Dallas Steele. We share a drink — more on that later — and then Dallas confesses to me that he’s had a crush since we played together on the same team 20 years ago. What follows is a first for me… my first four position flip-fuck scene! We just had so much fun filming this that we didn’t want to stop. The entire scene lasts nearly 47 minutes!

Check out the free 3 minute preview above and the official promo pics below. Titan members can watch or download the scene in its entirety… just click here. If you’re not a Titan member, sign up now for instant, unlimited access to this and thousands of other Titan scenes!

Don’t forget: you can find exclusive behind-the-scenes content at the film’s companion website,

OUT! scene 3: My hubby Dirk Caber coaches stud Luke Adams (Video)

After watching San Francisco Titans manager A.J. Benson come out to the world on live TV, up-and-coming baseball prospect Luke Adams tells his coach Dirk Caber that he’s gay too. Dirk replies that he already knows, adding that it “takes one to know one.” What follows is a really hot coach/player scene! Luke is an awesome guy, and one of the Titan production crew’s favorites to work with (check him out in Like Father, Like Son too). Furthermore, Dirk and Luke are good friends in real life, and there was obvious chemistry between my hubby and the sexy stud muffin. “It was really connected and passionate!” Dirk told me after they were done filming.

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OUT! behind-the-scenes: Nick Prescott does it downward doggie style

The following behind-the-scenes video was filmed on the set of TitanMen’s OUT! back in August:

I tried yoga once… but only because I had a crush on the yoga instructor. And man was he flexible. But other than that… yeah, my body is not yoga-friendly. Nick Prescott, on the other hand, is a master. And watching him do it on set — with a boner — is pretty fun.

Watch my scene with Nick in OUT! here.