Me, Dirk, and Rogan Richards in a NEW motel room 3-way! (NSFW)

Bet you’ve never seen this one before:

Recently, Dirk and I met up with our pal Rogan Richards in New York City, where we set up a couple of cameras in our hotel room — along with a portable sling — and filmed MOTEL MUSCLE: PLAYPIT. Dirk calls it one of his top 5 scenes he’s ever been in, and it’s way up there for me too.

You can only see MOTEL MUSCLE: PLAYPIT on Rogan’s new website, He has tons of other X-rated videos there too, including a couple of others that also feature Rogan with me and/or Dirk (and Skippy Baxter!) that you won’t find anywhere else, Motel Muscle and Motel Muscle 4 Way:

Check it all out at! And if you still can’t get enough of the big guy and his sexy Australian accent — I know I can never get enough — you can also check out Rogan’s TitanMen scenes here!

NEW! Rogan Richards and me in “Daddy FLEX was a Cowboy”

“Rogan Richards was conceived in the womb of a giant She Bear. He was born part animal, part man… a legend, a new hero for the nuclear age!”

When Dirk and I were in Melbourne, we got a chance to hang out with our good buddies Rogan Richards and Skippy Baxter. Rogan was planning to film a promotional video for Eagle Leather called “Daddy FLEX was a Cowboy” and wanted to cast me in the role of She Bear, but Dirk and I were going to be in Sydney during the filming. But what’s a few hundred kilometers between friends? So a week later I hopped on a flight back to Melbourne, donned a sweet leather mask and heart-shaped pasties (!!), and She Bear was born (see video above).

“Daddy FLEX was a Cowboy” is a shot-for-shot remake of a scene from the 2010 film “Flexing with Monty” starring Trevor Goddard:

Rogan’s version of the scene features Rogan Richards as Daddy FLEX, Jesse Jackman as She Bear, Miss Polly Filla as Sex Toy, and Miss Pepper Pop as Pony Girl. Photography by The Dark Room, makeup by Ollie Savage, music by J. Slocombe, and styling by B Boy. All gear (except the pasties!) was supplied by Eagle Leather in Melbourne — check them out, they’re awesome! And make sure you check out Rogan’s all-new website for more amazing videos, as well as the X-rated scene that Rogan and I shot for TitanMen’s award-winning film Dick Danger.

And now for a couple of bonus videos! First, a teaser for “Daddy FLEX” that Rogan and I shot:

And here’s a bonus blooper starring Rogan, Pepper Pop, and Polly Filla!

New Photoset: Goofing around in the Dark Room (NSFW)

So much negativity in the past 24 hours! First, bestselling gay romance novelist K.C. Wells is banned from Facebook for 30 days for posting a link to her new novel on Amazon — with Dirk on the cover! And then I find about two more fake porn star profiles who are trying to scam people out of their credit card details. Ugh! I’m not letting this negativity get to me, though. I’ve been dealing with it by breathing deeply, listening to Dirk’s music, thinking about how awesome my workout later is gonna be. And to help spread the good vibes, I’m posting these new pics.

Here’s the backstory. Our buddy Rogan Richards approached me and Dirk back in June, asking us if we wanted to do a photo shoot with him. Of course we agreed! The shoot — which also produced Dirk’s Come On Barbie, Let’s Go Party series — features me, Dirk, Rogan, and Rogan’s best bud Skippy Baxter. I’ve seen some of the early proofs, and with Rogan at the helm, the results are understandably insane. I can’t wait to share ’em.

Anyway, when we were done with that shoot, we kept the camera clicking, thanks to the amazing generosity of the photographer, Damien Hinds (“Damo”) from The Dark Room. Here are a few of the shots we came up with. Enjoy… and keep an eye out for the rest of the photos, which I’ll post here soon.

Keep spreading the good vibes! JJ

NEW VIDEO: Behind-the-scenes with me, Dirk Caber, Rogan Richards, Skippy Baxter, and… Barbie? (NSFW)

A while ago I posted a bunch of photos from a really fun series that my hubby Dirk Caber and I shot with Rogan Richards and Skippy Baxter in June called “Come On Barbie, Let’s Go Party”, expertly photographed by the excellent Damien Hinds of The Dark Room. I captured some behind-the-scenes video during the shoot, handing my phone off to Skippy part of the way through so I could get in on the action. Here’s your inside look at the insanity. Enjoy! (If the video doesn’t play, try putting your mobile device into landscape mode, or use this alternate link.)

For more of Rogan, check out the scene that he and I shot together for TitanMen’s Dick Danger. And here’s hoping we see more of sweet and sexy Skippy in the future!

Life in plastic… it’s fantastic

Barbie 08

“So I have this idea for a project,” Rogan Richards told us when we were working out with him in Melbourne back in June. “Would you guys be up for a photo shoot later this week?”

“HELL yeah!” Dirk and I both said at once, without knowing what the project was. That’s how much we love the guy.

And what’s really crazy is that the “Barbie” project isn’t even the one that Rogan was talking about! When we were done with Rogan’s special secret photo shoot, we just started goofing around with stuff that was lying around — yes, there were Barbies lying around — and took tons of pictures with the supremely talented Damien Hinds (check out his website, The Dark Room). And this is only one of several different themes we shot that night. We laughed so hard… I think we goofed around for 3 hours but it only felt like a few minutes! I can’t wait to share the other photos with you, which I’ll be sure to do when they’re ready (they’re still in post-production).

In the meantime, enjoy Come On Barbie, Let’s Go Party… concept by Rogan Richards, photographs by Damien Hinds, and featuring Dirk Caber with special appearances by Rogan Richards and Jesse Jackman!

Barbie 01 Title

Barbie 02

Barbie 03 Color

Barbie 03 BW

Barbie 04

Barbie 05

Barbie 06

Barbie 07

Barbie 10

Barbie 09