Dirk Caber: Beautiful, Buff, Blond… and Beardless?

I have a confession to make. When the all-new compliation The Best of Joe Gage: Men in Uniform came out last week, I posted a beardless promotional photo of my seldom-shaven hubby, Dirk Caber, on Facebook. Joe had asked Dirk to shave his beard for his scene with Roman Wright in Jury Duty, which was selected for the compilation. Well… the picture I posted was Photoshopped. I had a good reason, though: I wouldn’t have been allowed to post it to Facebook otherwise. Here’s the actual photo alongside the edited, G-rated version I posted last week:
Beardless Dirk x2

I like the one on the left much better.

Beardless photos of my hubby are quite rare; in fact, I’m not kidding when I tell you that the only ones I’ve ever seen – even from his personal life – are the ones in the promo stills from The Best of Joe Gage: Men in Uniform and Jury Duty:

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By the way… although I don’t have any other pictures of a beardless Dirk, this whole thing got me thinking about other pictures I have of my hunky hubby with odd hair, facial or otherwise. I’ve posted a few of my favorites below. Enjoy.

Crazy Hair and Sousaphone

Dirk as Siegfried and Mini-Me

Dirk Bald and Thuggish

Fucking my way to the top

Bottoming for Christopher Daniels in "Incubus 2"

I’m versatile. Really. Just ask my boyfriend. So why have I bottomed in all of my Titan films so far?

First and foremost, because of you guys. I like to think one of the reasons Titan hired me on as an exclusive is that I enjoy both topping and bottoming. That said, there definitely seem to be a whole lot of you out there who like beefy, muscular, hairy guys who love to bottom. It appears that there’s quite a demand for ’em, and I’m only too happy to oblige! Also, for some reason I think a lot of people expect bigger guys like me to be exclusive tops… and as I mentioned in my interview for Naked Pictures of Your Dad, I never pass up the chance to challenge people’s expectations.

Another reason, quite simply, is that when you’re just breaking into the industry, it’s actually a little easier to start out as a bottom. In most cases, the work of a top is a bit more challenging; he has to concentrate on a lot of things at once, like listening to the director’s instructions, controlling the pace of the scene, making sure not to block the camera or the lights, using nice long strokes while fucking, keeping the bottom in a comfortable position, and — most importantly — giving you guys a great unobstructed view of the action.

Bottoming for Hunter Marx in "Surveillance"

In my first two scenes, I was really fortunate to be paired with with two amazing, experienced tops: Hunter Marx in Surveillance, and Christopher Daniels in Incubus 2. Working with them taught me a lot about how to top on a porn set. By the time I filmed my third scene with Roman Wright for Command Performance, I felt comfortable enough with the process to try topping on camera for the first time. The result was, in my opinion, a pretty fucking hot flip-fuck scene… but you can judge for yourself.

Topping Roman Wright in "Command Performance"

I have a few more projects in the works, and I’m happy to report that I’ve tested my topping skills again. I was thrilled with the results on-set, and I’m really excited to see the finished product. But just because I’ve begun to explore the world of the dominant muscular top doesn’t mean I’ve abandoned my bottom-based beginnings… on the contrary, every scene I’ve filmed so far, plus all those in the works, have me either bottoming or flipping. After all, it’s what you guys want! 🙂

Naked Pictures of Your Dad

Now this is exciting! The amazing blog Naked Pictures Of Your Dad has named me #36 on their top 100 list of hottest men… of all time. How awesome is that??! These are the same guys who publish the kick-ass magazine Headmaster, so I really consider it quite an honor!

The NPOYD guys asked if they could interview me for their blog, and I happily agreed. I’m reposting the interview (with permission) below. Make sure you check out Naked Pictures Of Your Dad!

36. Jesse Jackman (1973 –  )

One of the bigger surprises on the list is the high placing of porn star Jesse Jackman. Not because he’s not hot — anyone who’s seen his stellar multi-cumshot flip-fuck scene in Titan’s Command Performance can attest — but because he’s so new to the industry, having only started fucking on-camera last summer. I decided to ask Mr. Jackman a few questions about porn and about being a hotter Bostonian than Ted Williams, and he very graciously replied.

NPOYD: You filmed your first scene for Titan less than six months ago. Was shooting porn what you expected it to be?

Jackman: I really had no idea what to expect. My fantasies about working on a set were influenced (corrupted, perhaps) by what I had been told by various porn actors I’d spoken to over the years. I wanted to believe that the process would be rather fluid, but had heard that there was in fact a lot of stopping and starting, lots of delays to reposition lights and cameras, lots of waiting around, and so on. I wasn’t sure what to believe, so when I first walked into the Titan studios I was actually pretty open to whatever might happen, with very few expectations. As it turns out, there is a fair amount of waiting around… but the Titan guys are so easy-going and fun that there’s never a dull moment. Their chemistry is wonderful; it’s like working for a big family.

One thing that did surprise me, though… and I’ve heard surprises a lot of people… is that it’s actually rather difficult to, uh, “finish up.” The actors all seem to be going at each other very hard on set and yet somehow have this amazing endurance. I worried a lot about it before my first shoot: at that level of intensity, would I cum too soon? The reality is quite the opposite: the filming process is so exhausting and you’re concentrating so much on the task at hand (not blocking the lights, staying open to camera, focusing on technique, etc.) that it’s possible to drift away from the sheer pleasure of fucking and from connecting from your scene partner… and it’s that connection that gets me off. So it can be hard to get off. I’ve had to will myself to do it sometimes.

NPOYD: You live in Boston, which has a reputation for being an old-fashioned Puritan city, but nearly every porn star, stripper, or escort that I’ve ever met has come from that area. How hot do you find Boston, compared to other cities?

Jackman: I was born in Boston and love it here, so I’m a bit biased… but that said, I do find Bostonians to be rather reserved compared to people in other cities. I’ve been told by guys here that they were afraid to approach me because I look intimidating, or assumed that I would be unfriendly. I may be on the taller side and have a shaved head, but I laugh and smile a lot and consider myself to be fairly affable, so I have no idea where that comes from. I don’t experience that level of shyness in other cities; people are much more likely to approach me when I travel.

NPOYD: You wrote on your blog the other day about your relationship with Dirk Caber, another Titan man. Will you be shooting scenes together anytime soon?

Jackman: Titan has a series called the Rough line, which showcases more fetish-oriented activities (bondage, fisting, sounding, and the like). A lot of those fetishes are new to me, and Titan has made it clear that they won’t make me do anything I’m uncomfortable with. I’m comfortable with Dirk, though, and I told the Titan brass that if I were ever to do a Rough scene with anyone, I’d do it with him. There are some pretty strong indications that they’re going to take me up on that offer.

NPOYD: There’s an interview with you that I just watched that starts off with you taking a really long leak against a tree. Is watersports a thing for you? What else really gets you off?

Jackman: I’d never even tried watersports before working with Titan. Their films often include bonus footage that’s released as a DVD extra or special website featurette; in the case of my first movie, Surveillance, it was a watersports feature. No one told me about it beforehand; I guess they assumed I knew we’d be filming one. I don’t think they realized I’d never done watersports before, ever. At one point the director, Paul Wilde, asked me how I was doing with my pee level and I said, “Fine, thanks. I just took a bathroom break.” He was, if you’ll pardon the expression, pissed. “Dammit! How can we do the watersports scene” – which was the first I’d heard of it – “if you just took a piss? Let’s break for lunch. Drink plenty of water.” I was nervous, but I figured what the hell… this whole porn thing is completely new and exciting, so what’s one more new experience? So, after lunch… and after drinking more water than I ever thought I could… I did it. I peed all over everything: up and down and across every square inch of Hunter Marx, all over the floor, all over the wall, all over myself… everywhere. [You can see video and promotional stills from the scene here.] Paul seemed really happy with my performance; it would appear I have a bit of a knack for it. I haven’t brought watersports into my personal sex life yet, but now that I’ve tried it I’d certainly be open to it, if and when the spirit moves.

Working with Titan is great in that sense for exploring new sexual avenues; it’s a safe, controlled environment where you can try out new things with knowledgeable people. As I mentioned earlier, I don’t have a lot of experience with the fetish stuff, but I’m definitely willing to learn. Call it “continuing professional development,” if you will.

NPOYD: You played rugby for a number of years. What is it about rugby specifically that you think gay guys are latching on to as opposed to other sports?

Jackman: Rugby’s unlike any sport I’ve ever played… and I’ve played lots of different sports. It’s the most visceral activity I think I’ve ever experienced (outside of a bedroom or dungeon, that is). That kind of sheer physicality is missing from most organized sports. I don’t think its popularity is a particularly gay phenomenon; all types of people who crave that sort of intensity in sports seem to gravitate towards rugby. I do think, however, that rugby doesn’t mesh with the (unfortunate) popular stereotype that gay men do not like contact sports; that’s why there’s sort of a fascination among the general public that such a thing as gay rugby exists. I love that. I love challenging people’s preconceptions.

NPOYD: As far as the other men on this hot list, which ones do you find the hottest?

Jackman: So many hot men to choose from! There are a couple of standouts for me, though. The first is Pierre Curie. Intelligence is one of the features I find most attractive in a human being, and that’s something monsieur Curie had in spades… I mean, he and his wife have a fucking unit of measurement named after them! (Nikola Tesla also scores points there.) Plus… what a beard!

Another is Justin Timberlake… and to think I once wrote him off as a bubbleheaded boy-bander. Ever since I saw his amazing performance in the movie Alpha Dog I’ve been a big fan. I also love that he’s not afraid to laugh at himself (Dick in a Box, anyone?), which I find hugely attractive.

And then there’s François Sagat. Ahhh, François. I used to (and still do) jerk off to his films all the time. He’s a living legend in the porn industry, and I’ve had the incredible fortune to work with him in François Sagat’s Incubus, but what I find really hot about him is his personality. He’s rather shy at first, but once he opens up he’s an amazingly sweet, thoughtful, creative person… with a hilarious goofy streak. He’s awesome.

NPOYD: What qualities in a man do you find especially hot?

Jackman: I mentioned Curie-esque intelligence earlier, and a Timberlakian sense of humor. Those are key qualities. Confidence is another. I’m really attracted to guys with huge hearts who are able to connect emotionally as well as physically; if a guy is a great kisser, it’s usually an indication of that ability. On a more physical level, I love a solid, muscular body with a nice hairy chest and a healthy amount of scruff.

I’ve found all of those qualities in Dirk, and I feel like the luckiest man in the world.

NPOYD: I started jerking off to Titan models as soon as I got internet access in the late nineties. What are your earliest porn memories? Is there any one porn star that got you into the industry?

Jackman: When I was a kid, my aunt lived with us; she was a workout fanatic and used to subscribe to Muscle and Fitness. I used to sneak into her room, steal her copy, and jerk off to the guys in it. I was maybe 12 years old at the time. I know it wasn’t exactly porn, but it was all I could get my hands on.

There is one guy in particular, Roman Wright, who got me into making porn. But first a little backstory: Over the 4th of July weekend in 2011 I met Hunter Marx, a Titan model, and his partner Ethan Anders in Saugatuck, Michigan. They were hot. We fucked around a lot had a ton of fun… so much so that I started idly wondering if what we did might be reproducible in front of a camera. A week later, while I was in Provincetown for Bear Week, I ran into the aforementioned Roman, who is an old friend. At the end of the week I gave him a ride back to Boston so he could fly home to San Francisco. I knew he’d done some work in the industry, so to make conversation during the drive I half-jokingly asked him if he thought I could work in porn (with no serious intent to ever do it, despite my curiosity). He said he thought I could, but that I shouldn’t. Roman knows me pretty well, and thought I wouldn’t deal well with the inevitable criticism that comes with public performance. (He was ultimately right: I try very hard not to read reviews of my scenes because I tend to take negative criticism rather personally. And I’m my own worst critic… I haven’t watched any of my scenes because I’m afraid that I’d only focus on everything I thought I did wrong!)

Roman flew home that afternoon. The next day, out of the blue I got a message on Facebook from a guy I’d never heard of named Patrick Finger:

Hi Jesse,

I handle casting for Titan Media. I’m standing here with Roman Wright and he’s telling me that you’d like to work with us. You’re a great looking guy. Are you interested?


Oh, that Roman. Either something got lost in translation, or I was putting off a pretty strong vibe that, subconsciously, I really did want to work in the industry, or he figured he’d at least arrange for the opportunity and let me make up my own damn mind. Anyway, I told Patrick I’d think about it. After about two weeks of soul-searching I finally decided that if I didn’t at least try it, I would always wonder what it was like… so I filled out the model application form and emailed it in. I got a message back from Patrick less than three hours later saying that everything looked good and they would love to work with me. We spoke on the phone the next day, and within a couple of weeks I was out in San Francisco filming a scene – with Hunter Marx, the guy from Saugatuck, of all people! – for my first Titan film, Surveillance. [I eventually got to shoot a scene with Roman too, a flip scene in Command Performance.]

Six months and six scenes later, I’m still working with Titan and loving every minute of it! I’ve really gotten into writing about my experiences, too, and have been blogging about them almost every day. (The address of my blog is, by the way. Sorry for the shameless plug, but I just love to tell people about my porn adventures and thought I’d mention the website in case anyone’s interested in reading about them!)

The Grand Fourgy Finale…

I appeared with Roman Wright in scene one of Command Performancewhich you can watch here — but over Folsom weekend in San Francisco I met the four INSANELY hot men in scene 3: Junior Stellano, Wilfried Knight, Marco Wilson, and Jessy Ares. I heard them talking about a crazy two-day shoot that was filled with a lot of sweating and laughing and fucking… and something about trying for an hour to get the lube off of the table because it had to be ready for a board meeting the next day.

Don’t you hate it when that happens?

You can watch the preview clip from this scene here, and check out the rest of the pictures from this scene after the jump. P.S. Jessy and I really want to do a scene together. Titan, are you listening? 😉

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Titan just released my scene with Roman Wright in “Command Performance!”

I’m VERY happy to announce that my second scene with Titan was just released… the opening scene from Command Performance, a flip-flop scene with Roman Wright! There’s a huge problem with the audio equipment on the site of Jessy Ares’ big concert; Roman and I are given only a couple of days to fix it, but we find a way to temporarily shirk our responsibilities and work out our obvious frustration (wink, wink).

Here’s a link to the free preview. TitanMen subscribers can watch the whole scene right now in streaming high-def video; non-subscribers can still watch the preview, or sign up now to see this and literally thousands of other videos online (4709 to be exact… and counting). You can also order Command Performance on DVD.

Here are a few never-before-seen screen captures. Hope you enjoy the scene!