A couple of pics from New Year’s Eve at Steamworks Chicago

Left to right: Jesse Jackman, Dirk Caber, Liam Knox, Chris Harder, Jackson’s friend Alex, Jackson Grant, Jack Vidra

For New Year’s Eve this year, Dirk and I decided to do something a bit… different: spend it at a bathhouse! Our friends Jackson Grant and Chris Harder were performing a live sex show at Steamworks in Chicago, so we decided to go and support them. And by “we” I mean not just Dirk and me… Titan men Jack Vidra and Liam Knox joined us as well. We had a really good time watching the show and <ahem> in the hot tub afterwards.

Steamworks always treats us wonderfully when we’re there, and we always have a good time whether we’re performing or just, uh, letting it all hang out. We’re not really allowed to take pictures or shoot video at Steamworks, but we did manage to get this group shot of us, as well as me standing next to a familiar face by the entrance. By the way, Jack Vidra, Liam Knox, and Jackson Grant have all filmed with TitanMen, but none of their scenes have been released yet. Watch for them on the Titan website in the coming months! Here are a few behind-the-scenes pics from Liam and Jack’s scene together… much more to come!

Pics from the live show at Steamworks starring Dirk Caber, Dallas Steele, and Nick Prescott — with a cameo by me (NSFW)

It was billed as a meeting of two powerhouses — my hubby Dirk Caber and TitanMen exclusive Nick Prescott — to promote the Grabby-nominated Titan film Jailbreak. Nick’s Uber was stuck in traffic, though, so Dallas Steele gamely stepped in to fuck Dirk’s hungry ass fill Nick’s shoes until he got there. Okay, I admit it… all that hotness was too much for me to resist. So, with permission from the Steamworks staff, I jumped up on stage for a few minutes to get my dick sucked by my hubby. Guilty as charged!

A photographer from the amazing industry blog Queer Me Now was on hand to photograph the whole thing; I’ve reposted their pics below (click any photo to enlarge it, then use the arrow keys to scroll). If you like the photos, be sure to check out Dirk and Dallas’s Grabby-winning scene for “Best Duo”, and my scene with Nick in TitanMen’s OUT.

An On-Stage Kiss

Sometimes it takes a few weeks for pics to surface online, but it’s often worth the wait. This trio of images of Dirk and me were posted by Twitter user @RonKingAlien yesterday; he took them at the Steamworks booth during last month’s Folsom Street Fair. Thanks, Ron!

Here are the original, uncropped photos:

Dirk plays “Twisted Twister” at Dore Alley


A couple of weeks ago, my hubby Dirk Caber spent the afternoon playing “Twisted Twister” with the guys from Steamworks at San Francisco’s Dore Alley street fair. I wish I could have been there — I had obligations back home — but I’ve played it a few times before and it’s a huge amount of fun. Dirk and I are hoping to play again at the Folsom Street Fair in September; audience participation is highly encouraged, so if you see us, please join in!

And for twisted stuff of a different sort, be sure check out Dirk’s scenes for Titan Rough, including two with me!

Photos by Some Men Photography.

IML ’14: An Illustrated Guide (NSFW Pics/Video)

Steamworks Poster IML 2014 Blog

International Mister Leather approaches! It takes place next weekend in Chicago — May 23-26 to be exact — and Dirk and I have a ton of stuff going on. Scroll down to find our schedule of appearances… plus, to give you an idea of what you can expect, scroll down to see a bunch of pics from the previous live shows Dirk and I have done at Steamworks, plus an NSFW video of Dirk and Dolan Wolf at last year’s Leather Market. If you should happen to find yourself in the neighborhood during any of our events, please stop by and say hi… we’d love to meet you.

May 23-27 (All Weekend): Dirk, Rogan, and I will be taking turns at the Oxballs/Titan booth at the IML Leather Market, where we’ll be modeling cockrings and selling copies of our latest film, Foul Play. It’ll be “a hoot and a half” as Dirk would say.
May 23 (Friday): Our good friend AK is hosting a party called Men’s Room at the Bijou Theater and we’re sure as hell gonna be there! Our buddy Harry Cross is DJing too!
May 24 (Saturday): I’m presenting three awards at the Grabbys! Dick Danger is nominated for a whopping nine awards, so maybe I’ll even bring home some hardware! This is a ticketed event; if you want to come, you can purchase tickets here.
May 24 (Saturday), Part Two: Dirk, Rogan, and I will be performing a live sex show at Steamworks! The show starts at 1 am in the gym. If you can’t make it, never fear… it’ll be broadcast LIVE on the Steamworks channel at Cam4. Don’t be late! (Please note: Steamworks is an 18+ men-only bathhouse; membership is required and can be purchased at the door.)
May 25 (Sunday): “Coach Dirk” will be training Bryan Cole, Joseph Rough, and Daniel Duress at the Bound Jocks training area (part of the Mr. S Leather booth) at the Leather Market. Much binding and flogging ensues.
May 26 (Monday): We’ll probably head to the official IML closing party, the Black and Blue Ball, to close out the weekend. See you there!

Now for the video of Dolan and Dirk, plus the pics from the previous two shows that Dirk and I performed at Steamworks. By the way, with Rogan thrown into this year’s Steamworks mix, you can be sure that this next show is gonna be even hotter!