The Homme Stretch

Even we professional cocksuckers wear out eventually. This outtake was shot on the set of the brand new film Wide Awake (now available exclusively from TitanMen). I’d been deep-throating Johnny Parker for a good 20 minutes when my jaw started to ache, so I paused for a moment to stretch, knowing that it could be edited out of the scene later. T.P. Deaux, who who’s edited most of my scenes to date, decided to have a little fun with the discarded material, and sent me the above clip in an email entitled “NSFW… Open Wide!” All I can say is… UGH! I look like I’m some kind of possessed demon! Next thing you know my head’ll start spinning around.

dvd11_wideawakeYou can watch the entire scene — with this outtake mercifully edited out — right now with your TitanMen membership (non-members can watch a free XXX preview here). Wide Awake also features TitanMen exclusive George Ce, Adam Champ, Justin King, and new exclusive Nick Prescott in his TitanMen debut.

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From Titanium to Strobe… or, “How I Almost Named a Porno”

The date was August 20, 2012, and it was a pleasant (if somewhat cool) San Francisco afternoon. Casey Williams and I had just finished filming our scene for the upcoming “untitled nightclub feature” (which would later become Strobe… more on that in a moment) at a popular dance club in San Francisco… the same place, in fact, where I’d first met Dirk in September of 2011! :mrgreen:

Anyway, we were mulling around waiting for the extras to arrive so we should shoot the film’s opening party sequence and interstitials (collectively called “B-roll”) and I started wondering what the movie could be called. Clash? Nah, too confrontational. VIP? Might piss off Pamela Anderson. Then it hit me. Titanium. That could be the name of the fictional club where the action was set, and the name of the film itself. I ran it by Casey and the production crew, and the response was positive. “Oh, like the song!” Casey observed.

The title began to stick. The production team started referring to the project as “Titanium”. I thought I’d done it… I thought I’d named a porno. T.P. Deaux even put together a conceptual teaser trailer:

But then, alas, someone in marketing reminded us that Titan sells a brand of silicone lube called Titanium (good lube, by the way). My title had been used — sigh — so the hunt for a title began anew. At first the working title became Hard Beats, but Titan had recently released Hard Up (with Spencer Reed) and we didn’t want to re-use the H-word again too soon. Then T.P. finally hit on a winner: Strobe. Kinda of a cross between “stroke” and “probe”, with a nod to the use of strobe lights in club culture. Win.

Next came the task of putting together a Strobe teaser trailer. T.P. and DiscoPup collaborated on getting the initial video edit and original music together, and came up with this rough version of the teaser:

Which, after more editing, eventually turned into the official teaser trailer (with additional clips from the film):

And, finally… the full official Strobe trailer, with extended clips from the three scenes, and a completely rewritten theme song that would later become known as the “Theme from Strobe”:

DiscoPup, it should be noted, was handed a huge challenge in writing “Theme from Strobe”. The music needed to work on two levels. First, it would be used as the music playing in the club when my scene partner, Casey, was spinning. But when we make eye contact, time slows down, and the music starts playing at half speed. (Which was kind of my idea, by the way… we didn’t have the club lights running while we were filming… I pointed this out, so T.P. came up with the “time slows down” concept to explain that discrepancy.) So on the one hand the track had to be dance-worthy and fun at full speed, but turn into sexy “bow-chika-wow-wow” music at half speed… and I think DiscoPup handled the task masterfully. Take a look at the extended preview of the scene, and see for yourself how well the music from the official trailer works at half-speed:

Pretty cool, huh?

So that’s the story of how I almost named a porno… and a little behind-the-scenes peek at how a film moves from concept to trailer to full-on Titan production. I hope you enjoyed it! And make sure you check out the final version of TitanMen’s STROBE, now steaming in on-demand HD and also available for purchase on DVD!

The scene so nice, we filmed it twice

Sometimes it takes a little extra time to make a quality product. It was February 28, 2012; although it was warm in San Francisco, it was still winter, so the days were pretty short. We’d been filming Fast Friends all day; Jasun Mark picked Mack Manus and me up at the gym at 9 am, director Brian Mills shot the promotional stills in the morning, then we filmed the intro and outdoor portions of the scene before breaking for lunch. A half-hour later we were back at it, filming the oral part of the scene in the shower before moving to the Titan production office to film the rimming and fucking.

We filmed the rimming portion of the scene just fine and started in on the fucking, but by this time it was getting pretty late in the day. Under ordinary circumstances we’d have kept going, but the Titan front office has a lot of natural light and the sun was starting to set. The studio lights that had been set up started to cast some pretty severe shadows across the room. After a few minutes, Brian asked us if we could take a break and resume filming the next day. Mack was in town all week and I was set to film Loud and Nasty with my boyfriend Dirk a couple days later… so in the interest of giving you guys the very best scene possible, we wrapped for the day and were back at it the next afternoon with renewed energy and more light!

Editing the footage together from two different days must have been a challenge, but leave it to crack editor T.P. Deaux to make it look absolutely seamless! Check out the two screen captures from the scene below, one from day 1 and one from day 2. Pretty amazing, huh? Watch the whole scene in streaming HD now and see for yourself… I challenge you to spot the differences!

T.P. Deaux, Editing Stud. And now… Production Stud!

I’d like to take a sec to congratulate my good friend and colleague T.P. Deaux, who is making the leap from editing to production today! T.P. has edited every scene I’ve been in so far except for Surveillance, and he’s amazing at what he does… he must be, if he can make a two-bit hack like me look good! (You can watch him hard at work in this behind-the-scenes video.) He’ll be joining the ranks of the production crew as a production assistant, which means he’ll be working with the actors on daily basis, and there’s no better guy for the job. Congrats, T.P… it’s gonna be great working with you downstairs! See you next week… I’ll try not to drip on ya!!