New video: Me, Dirk Caber, Max Cameron… and a violet wand (NSFW)

When Dirk’s out in San Francisco, he likes to have fun… and Mr. S Leather is more than happy to pay him for it. Well… actually they compensate him with store credit, which is just fine with him considering his love of leather and fetish gear. Dirk shot the above video for the Mr. S catalog on his last trip out there; in it, he’s torturing Max Cameron with one of their violet wand kits. Those things are pretty awesome… I should know, because Dirk and I filmed a scene using one for TitanMen’s Rough line. Here’s a preview:

If you want to watch our full scene — it’s 53 minutes long and also features a real live taser — click here. By the way, Dirk and I ended up buying the violet wand we’re using in the video… and you can too.

NEW XXX VIDEO: Dirk fucks me in my rugby gear!

Whenever there’s a big promotion — like Titan’s St. Patrick’s Day sale that ends tonight is still going on as of 11 am on March 18! — I try to post something really special to thank you all for putting up with the extra sales pitches I keep throwing at you. So here’s a preview of coming attractions for ya… a behind-the-scenes clip of Dirk fucking me in rugby gear on the set of an upcoming Titan Rough feature! I’m wearing my actual rugby practice jersey and socks from when I used to play a few years ago; Dirk’s got on one of my training shirts, too.

The as-yet-untitled film is tentatively scheduled for a Memorial Day release, but Dirk and I already shot another movie, Loud and Nasty. For the Rough line. And it was so much fun to shoot! You can watch a free extended XXX preview of it here. Titan members can watch or download the entire scene right now. If you’re not a member, take advantage of the St. Patrick’s Day sale and instantly get an entire month of unlimited access to the entire Titan catalog for just $14.95… and if you sign up through, you’ll be entered to win copies of both Loud and Nasty and Extra Firm autographed by me and Dirk, plus a TitanMen jockstrap! DVDs more your thing? Then buy Loud and Nasty from the Titan Store and be entered for a chance to win, plus you can use promo code “stpat25” to get 25% off your entire order… but only through midnight tonight it could end at any time… in fact, it should have ended last night but the sale is active as of this writing, so hurry… and good luck!

P.S. I have no idea what I said — in falsetto, no less — at the end of the clip. Can anybody out there figure it out? [UPDATE: Liz figured it out and posted it in the comments below: “After the director says ‘cut,’ he says ‘Thank you,’ and in a falsetto voice, you say ‘You’re welcome. Any time.'” You rock, Liz! Thank you!]

Live from the Set, Day 2: “The Scrum That Made Me Cum”


Day Two of filming with my hubby Dirk and the TitanMen crew saw a very different take on the locker room theme. While Day One‘s scene, directed by Jasun Mark for the TitanMen flagship line, employed the “let’s fuck in the locker room while no one’s watching” motif, the second day really focused on fetishizing the gym gear itself. Directed by lead director Paul Wilde for the Titan Rough series, the scene features a pair of rugby players (played by me and Dirk, of course) who really get into worshipping each others’ rugby gear (collectively called a “kit”). There’s plenty of jock-sniffing, boot-licking, and good old-fashioned sucking-‘n-fucking. In kits. There’s even a healthy dose of watersports.

I think you’re gonna like it.

This particular scene was especially true-to-life for me. I played rugby for several years when I was younger and would often fantasize about the other players, hoping they’d do nasty things to me in the locker room after the match. And, once in a while, they did. It was awesome to be able to play out my real-life experiences (and fantasies) in front of the camera. In fact, all of the gear in the scene belongs to me; the whole rugby theme was my idea. You’re welcome!

This as-yet-untitled Titan Rough feature will be available exclusively from TitanMen soon. In the meantime, here are some behind-the-scenes photos… and be sure to check out the other Titan Rough scene that Dirk and I shot together, Loud and Nasty! (TitanMen subscribers can stream or download our entire 52-minute Loud and Nasty scene here. Not a subscriber? Watch a free preview of our scene, then sign up today for instant access!)





Standing 01

Standing 02





Me and Dirk get “Loud and Nasty” ON DEMAND… plus FIFTEEN new stills!

The day is FINALLY here! The final scene of “Loud and Nasty” — starring yours truly and my insanely hot boyfriend Dirk Caber — is now available through Titan Video on Demand… and it’s nearly 51 MINUTES LONG!! Dirk and I are REALLY excited about this (can you tell by all the capital letters?), and we’re hoping you’ll get excited too! CHECK IT OUT!!

If you’re not a Titan subscriber, you can sign up now… and to help you make up your mind, you can watch a free 2-minute preview of “Loud and Nasty” here. When you join, you’ll have unlimited streaming access to over FIVE THOUSAND videos from legendary directors such as Joe Gage (who I had the pleasure of filming with recently), Chi Chi LaRue, Michael Lucas, and Bruce Cam… and the movies all play perfectly on your PC, laptop, and/or mobile device. Ain’t technology wonderful? 😉   Meanwhile, here’s a huge gallery of stills for your enjoyment!

WARNING: This Post May Contain Nuts

It’s been a little while since I’ve updated the blog — sorry about that! As you may have seen on Facebook or Twitter, I’ve been up in Montreal… et je me suis éclaté!

Anyway, Dirk and I are starting to get really excited about the upcoming video-on-demand release of our scene in Loud and Nasty, which should be posted in the middle of next week… watch this space! (The DVD is shipping now, though.) Here’s a special behind-the-scenes interview that Titan director Jasun Mark conducted with Dirk just before we started filming. In it, he shows you the proper way to don a cockring and discusses the fine art of tasing. Hope you enjoy it!!