New: XXX trailer and 82 pics from In the Shadows… with me and Dirk!

What dark desires surface when you fall asleep? What happens when dreams and reality converge? What dirty fantasies are brought to life in the shadows? What other marketing phrases will the Titan team come up with? The latest full-length feature from TitanMen features Titan exclusives Dario Beck, Kevin Lee, and Nick Prescott, as well as Titan regulars Tony Orion, Adam Champ… and my hubby Dirk Caber! And a surprise cameo at the end of the film by… me!

I’ve posted a free trailer from the film above, and a 82 (!!!) new pics below. The entire movie is now streaming at TitanMen… you can watch extended previews of scene 1 with Tony and Dario here, scene 2 with Kevin and Adam here, and scene 3 with Nick and Dirk (and me!) here. Titan subscribers can watch or download the whole film right now! Not a member? Sign up now and get instant access for as little as 27 cents a day!

The men of In the Shadows – including Dirk – and a free NSFW preview

Here’s the brand spanking new NSFW preview of In the Shadows, the latest from Titan’s star tag team of directors Jasun Mark and Paul Wilde!

My hubby Dirk’s in this one, in a pretty kick-ass fetish scene with Titan exclusive Nick Prescott… and there’s a little surprise waiting at the end. You’ll have to wait a couple of weeks to see it, though, as their scene won’t be released until January 21. Mark your calendars!


The first scene from the movie, however — starring Titan exclusive Dario Beck and the ever-sexy Tony Orion — is already out, and Titan members can watch it in its entirety on the TitanMen website. Not a subscriber? Sign up now for instant access! The movie is already shipping on DVD, by the way, so if DVDs are more your thing, or you can’t wait to see Dirk and Nick’s scene (as well as Adam Champ with Titan exclusive Kevin Lee), you can order it now and see those other two scenes before anyone else!

Cancer socks

Dirk Caber and Jesse Jackman SoaC 1  Dirk Caber and Jesse Jackman SoaC 2 Crop

Cancer sucks. Almost everyone I know has been affected by the disease in some way. So when Dirk and I heard there was an international campaign called “Sock on a Cock” — in which guys post pictures of themselves wearing only a sock to raise awareness in the fight against testicular cancer — we were eager to participate, along with a number of our TitanMen friends and colleagues. Dirk and I believe that the campaign should not stop at raising awareness, though. To that end, we’re making a donation to the American Cancer Society, and we encourage you to do the same… please go to and give what you can. By the way, here’s info on how you can give yourself a testicular exam.

Here are some pics of our fellow TitanMen proudly wearing nothing but hose on their hoses. Titan’s resident blogger Finn Brooks has been posting new pictures as the guys send them in… check out the latest pics here.

Behind the scenes at the Black Party

When it comes to the annual Black Party in New York City, my hubby Dirk is “king.” My sexy and versatile man has been part of the elaborate theatrics for the past three years, and each time he’s taken on a regal role: In 2012, he played a mob kingpin who kidnaps and tortures a rival gang’s lackey (Jesse Santana). In 2013, he was the twisted Clown King who tarred and feathered Marcus Isaacs, except the tar was real caramel. And this year, he embraced the role of the Monkey King as his troupe of wild simians attacked a contingent of British soldiers and captured the helpless Leo Forte, all on stage in front of thousands of Black Party revelers.

I didn’t participate in any of the theatrics, but that freed me up to take plenty of pictures and film some video! (The video is at the bottom of this post.) I have footage from both the rehearsal and actual performance, as well as the pre-party at me and Dirk’s favorite bar in all of New York City, Eastern Bloc (which, by the way, is where I first told Dirk I love him way back in November of 2011). We also helped to host a leather sale that raised over $4,000 for AIDS-related charities. Awesome!

When you check out the photos and videos, see if you can pick out the following porn stars: Adam Dacre, Aleks Buldocek, Alessio Romero, Boomer Banks, Dirk Caber, Dolan Wolf, Drake Jaden, Draven Torres, Drew Sumrok, Leo Forte, Seth Fornea, Seven Dixon, Tony Orion, and legendary porn director Mr. Pam!PHOTOS

Soldiers vs. Monkeys rehearsal 1:

Soldiers vs. Monkeys rehearsal 2:

Bollywood rehearsal:

Soldiers vs. Monkeys stage show:

The subjugation and transformation of Leo Forte:

Still going strong at 8:00 am (posted by YouTube user Robert Pinto):


Hard (Puppy) Play, Scene 2: Aleks Buldocek and Tony Orion

Dirk and I know Titan Men Aleks Buldocek and Tony Orion really well; they’re from Chicago, where Dirk used to live before he moved here to Boston. In fact, Dirk and I are ones who referred Tony and Aleks to TitanMen! We love those guys! They both enjoy puppy play, so it seemed only natural for Titan to cast them in a movie that took full advantage of their experience. I think their chemistry in this scene is pretty terrific… but judge for yourself… watch the free XXX preview of their puppy play scene in the Titan feature Hard Play above. TitanMen subscribers can then watch (or download) the scene in its entirety. Not a member? Well… go to and sign up today for as little as $9.95! (You can also order Hard Play on DVD.)

By the way, this isn’t the first time Aleks and Tony have appeared on camera together: They were in one of Jasun Mark’s crazy porn star karaoke videos (see below). Oh, and hey, Titan: Please put Aleks and Tony on my wish list, will ya? I’m picturing the two of them plus me and Dirk in a four-pig pig pile. Just sayin’.

And finally… if you’re interested in trying out puppy play, or if you’re an experienced pup who wants some sweet new toys, you can get some really great high-quality puppy gear at Mr. S Leather. Arf!

Aleks and Tony